Why Krishna And Balram Is Must Watch For Kids

As lockdown is going on, we as parents are looking for ways to keep kids busy and also to increase their knowledge. One of my friends recommended ZEE5 for my child to me. So as per her recommendation, I downloaded ZEE5 app and browsed through its content. To my surprise, it has brilliant content, especially designed separately keeping adults and kids in mind

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They have multiple sections and I am really impressed with their separate kids’ section. ZEE5 provides the provision to watch animated kids movies and TV shows online in HD. Moreover, it has content in 12 languages. They have multiple language options to choose from such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Bengali, Gujrati, Telegu, Kannada, Punjabi and many more

They have an awesome collection of animated movies for kids. Their movie collection varies from mythological, adventure, comedy, and other genres.

If I have to pick my favorite movies for Kids on ZEE5, no doubt it will be

Chhota Hatim and seven monsters – It is a mix of comedy and fantasy. In this Hatim has to defeat seven monsters with different magical powers to complete his mission and break the evil spell.

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  • Bablu Dablu – This movie is filled with comedy and action. It is about how forest animals save their land and trees from the logger.
  • Krishna and Balram – Story is about a warrior princess who was hiding inside a massive lotus flower, but accidentally gets exposed by Krishna-Balram. The princess’s enemies spot her, but Krishna and Balram fights them and protects the princess
  • Robinhood – It is an interesting story about how a young boy Named Robin becomes Robin Hood and takes refuge in Sherwood Forest, where he meets Little John, the leader of a band of young bandits.
  • Simba Junior – It is a story about how Arbor, the tree, Simba junior, and the other friends manage to save Winner, the do by following winner’s trail.

And out of all five, my personal favorite movie on ZEE5 is “Krishna and Balram”. I will tell you, why the “Krishna and Balram” movie is a must-watch for kids. This one hour seven minutes long action movie is a must-watch for kids, as kids learn so many important lessons from this movie.

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  1. Krishna and Balram movie is a must watch for kids as it will teach them about our mythology, religious history in a fun and entertaining manner. The concept of the movie is kept very simple for kids to understand.
  2. This shows through light on the amazing friendship bond shared by brothers Krishna and Balram. The movie is around brotherhood enjoyed by Krishna and Balrama in Vrindavan along with their friends, Krishna And Balram are always having fun, be it playing pranks on their friends, stealing butter or destroying any demon. Their bond is truly a delight to watch.
  3. Kids will learn about teamwork from this show. Like how different qualities of team members are used to achieve a certain task. In Krishna and Balrama team, wit and cleverness of The Krishna are used in combination with the strength of Balram to defeat Demons. 
  4. Difference between Good or bad – Through this show kids will be able to differentiate between good and bad. And also, they will learn how we have to fight for good and defeat badly.
  5. Helping others – Kids will learn about the nature of “helping others” and definitely they will inculcate this value in themselves as at such a young age they will understand the concept of helping others.

So, please download ZEE5 app and let your kids enjoy these animated movies which are designed and pictured very cautiously for kids, keeping learning and takeaways for kids in mind.

17 thoughts on “Why Krishna And Balram Is Must Watch For Kids”

  1. ???? I also love this series and always interested to watch.. This one is the favorite or all of the children and they always want to be like balram and krishna..

  2. Kids love watching the cartoons. And team work, strategic planning, alertness, positivity is learnt from the good cartoon shows. Ethical cartoons do teach a lot of manners in a way.

  3. True…my daughter love watching Krishna and balram show.. it’s not only showing love and care towards your friend but also teaching kids are tradition.

  4. Zee5 is coming up with great content for kids. I will definitely ask my kids to watch Krishna and Balram movie based on your wonderful recommendation. Stories about great friendships are so rare these days, in any case.

  5. I actually had no idea about it. But yes this really sounds good for kids and us too. And it is enjoyable too.

  6. I have been reading so much about these wonderful stories and animations on ZEE5 and this is yet anothe feather in the cap of wonderful teaching and entertainment for the young minds and us too

  7. It’s important to teach and show our mythological stories. They are the guidelines and foundations that help kids grow with. It’s great that these stories are being shown as series. Krishna and Balram’s friendship story is something to remember.

  8. This is a good list! Weekend is so crazy that I am going to plonk down with the kids and watch the show. Teaching about life through entertainment is just the answer for the kids of today.


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