Thoratti: Well-balanced story of love and betrayal

As I previously mentioned there are various entertaining movies and TV shows on ZEE5. Movies and TV shows stream in various languages on ZEE5. Recently, a Tamil language new drama film caught my attention.  Tamil movie Thoratti is streaming now on ZEE5. This movie also has English subtitles and is a very engaging movie. This movie was released in 2019. This drama movie is one hour twenty-eight minutes long and will surely catch your attention throughout.

This Family drama movie is set in Tamil Nadu rural region and shows the era of ’80s and is directed by Marimuthu.  The movie is set up in the village and its cinematography wonderfully captures the aesthetics and beauty of villages. I will also admire this movie for its great visuals and perfect direction. The movie brilliantly shows various Southern regions of Tamil Nadu such as Dindigul, Madurai, Pudukottai, Ramanathapuram and Sivagangai.

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Film lead star casts include Shaman Mithru as the hero and Sathyakala in the lead heroine role. Other important star casts of the film consist of Azhagu as Mayan’s father, Janaki as Mayan’s mother Sundarraj as Senthathi, Muthuraman as Eepulli and Jayaseelan as Sothamutti. All of them have done justice to their role but this simple Romance Drama is enhanced by the effortless performance from the heroine Sarhyakala.

The depiction shown in the movie is somewhat similar to as seen in Tamil Movie Paruthiveeran released in 2007 and Movie Subramaniyapuram released in 2008.

The story narrates the life of Mayan (played by Shaman Mithru) who is a good-natured person and works as Shepard. He is happily married to his wife Semponnu (played by Sathyakala). The films show some beautifully narrated strong moments around the married life of Mayan and Semponnu. The plot changes when Mayan and Semponnuu present life starts getting affected due to Mayan previous friendship with few people from the village.  These people have a different purpose in life and start bringing trouble to Mayan and Semponnuu life. Story continues on love and betrayal and narrates how Mayan tries to come out of the chaos created by his friends. The action sequence shown in the movie is electrifying too.

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The film’s soundtrack is composed by Ved Shankar and Jithin K. Roshan. The lyrics were written by Snehan. The movie has six songs in total. Thoratti songs have beautiful lyrics and have beautiful cinematography, which makes it very romantic and will take you back to the eras of ’80s.

For me film cinematography is splendid and heroine Sathyakala’s audacious character completely steals the show. A big congratulation to Team Thorati for making a brilliant movie. Do Watch this action-packed entertaining Tamil family drama movie now on ZEE5.

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