The 10 secrets to the athletic and healthy body after pregnancy

Shilpa Shetty is a celebrated actress – A timeless beauty she has only managed to look more glamourous and fit with age. She is ageing gracefully and her svelte figure has always been the talk of the B Town. She is one of those women who along with a successful career has mothered a son and has made an amourous life with her husband Raj Kundra.

Beauty is more than skin deep and above the unrealistic standards set by our contemporary society – that is why when she was carrying Vivaan (her son) she did not diet at all… in fact she consumed about 2800 calories every day and switched to whole milk instead and ghee of instead of slim milk and no ghee.

After Vivaan Shilpa Shetty committed to making herself fit and athletic again and is already back in the pink of her health.

Surely, all this can’t be just her genes and a gifted metabolism. In fact, according to her it’s purely her hard work and the true desire to stay healthy instead of fitting into a sculpted figure.

Let’s look at a few things she did right:

1)    Shilpa’s biggest secret was that she never ever chose to crash diet. A patient woman such as herself took her sweet time to reduce that post pregnancy weight. She ate all the right things at right intervals and never starved herself.

2)    Protein Shock Days – She switched to an all protein diet twice or thrice a week when she initially started out with her weight loss regime. In this method a person eats only proteins like egg whites, lean meats etc. in order to selectively deprive the body of carbohydrates. She still ate carbs but on alternate days.

3)    High Fiber Diet – Healthy fiber snacking is incomplete without fruits and salads. She chose to kick start her day with Gooseberry (Aamla)juice along with a plateful of papaya which she topped with two whole eggs post half an hour of having her fruit and juice.

4)    Carb and No carb days – When she started out with her weight loss regime she would alternate between having chapattis and rice on alternate days of the week. After loosing 6 kilos with this plan she started having carbs daily with a reduction in the number of chapattis and rice. For instance if during pregnancy she ate 4 chapattis and a bowl full of rice then she switched to 2 chapattis and a small katori of rice.

5)    Chose Fats Wisely – Our celebs are as human as us and are full of food cravings. Indulging oneself in chocolates, deserts, fried food and those sinful non-veg restaurant made curries is impossible to avoid. However, Shilpa Shetty set a day or occasionally two of the week for her beloved indulgences

6)    Defining Portion Sizes – This is an essential step she took towards dropping those whooping 28 kilos. Your stomach is like a flexible balloon, which can stuff ten times the required quantity. It is up to you to decide it’s portion quantity. If you keep overfeeding yourself then your stomach will get used to inflating to a particular size but if you feed it small portions, which make you, feel satisfied then automatically your portion size will reduce. This method can initially be slightly hard but gradually you’ll notice that your stomach will feel satisfied with much less whilst keeping you healthy and helping you reduce weight.

7)    She Chose the Correct Exercise Regime – Everyone knows that you cannot drop 28 Kilos without working out. Shilpa’s perfect mix of cardio, weights and Yoga added multitudes of advantages to her weight loss regime.

8)    Knew Her body’s Limits – After delivering Vivaan, Shilpa suffered from low muscle strength, which was identified rightly by her trainer Vinod Channa. Therefore, he did not make her start with strenuous activities like running and heavy weights straight away. She started with walking and yoga and slowly progressed to running and weights along with yoga.

9)    She kept her Mind at peace without succumbing to Pressure – Several moms feel that they shouldn’t have indulged in food they willed during pregnancy but this is untrue. Eating right and staying happy helped her gain motivation and momentum for loosing weight post pregnancy.10)  Rightfully Identified Time Pockets for Exercising – Shilpa like any mom has been very hands on with Vivaan. It always takes an effort to find quality time to exercise, which is why Shilpa works out during the afternoon when Vivaan sleeps. Her sessions us

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