Signs of puberty in a Girl child – how to read Puberty signs in a girl child

To be very honest, being a mother is not an easy job. There are lots of things that concern you every now and then. And you know even google doesn’t have definite answers to those questions. Today we will discuss Signs of puberty in a Girl child – how to read Puberty signs in a girl child. Now, as my little girl is stepping into teenage, am worried about her period, puberty, and physical changes in her body.

Since the lockdown, the physical activities of the kids have decreased or its best, if I say has become zero. Being at home since the last few months has not only made them irritated but also somewhat lazy.

My girl, who just crossed her 7.6 years in June 2020, has shown a tremendous and very rapid change in her body growth. I could easily, see the changes in her breast development to armpit hair. Also a sudden increase in her height. As a mother, I got very much tensed and hence done much research on google, consulted Pediatrician, gynecologist, and many other moms whose girl child is of the same age. So finally I got a few conclusions based on my research.

Signs of puberty in girl-child

  1. Breast development: Once you start observing some change in her breast like the development of breast buds, you should start preparing your daughter about Puberty and periods.
  2. Body hair: There is growth in body hair in the genital area, under the arms and on the legs. The hair on the face also becomes somewhat dark. the growth in body hair can also be seen prior to breast development.
  3. Vaginal discharge: There is very minimum to moderate vaginal discharge before the 6 t0 12months of the period.
  4. Increase in height: The girl will experience a rapid increase in the heights, before the 6to 12 months of her first period.
  5. wider hips: There will be certain changes in her body structure. She may proceed to a stage of the full boom where her hips become wide and waist may get smaller.
  6. Other factors: There may be few other changes like an increase in sweat, change in body odor, acne, and others.

With the timeline may vary, but once you start seeing the above changes in your girl child, most possibly the girl may get her first period between 2-3 years only.

In case, you still have doubts do visit your Pediatrician for a better understanding. Also, contact your pediatrician if you begin to see pubertal changes before your daughter is age 8. Likewise, contact your pediatrician if there are no pubertal changes in your daughter by age 13.

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