Easy Indian Meal cooking in Hotel and saving money

I am a travel freak rather would love to travel every week if it doesn’t involve cost. If you a budget travel traveler than you can cut down on your traveling expenses by hiring or choosing the cheapest modes of transport.

But food is something on which you can’t compromise. And the expense is huge if you are traveling internationally or with kids. So in this post, we will discuss a few Indian meals that can be cooked in the hotel room when traveling with kids or internationally. The cooking in the hotel will help you to save money as well

Reason Why I prefer cooking in the Hotel room while Travelling

I am a mom of two kids and they are fussy eater when it comes to food, therefore I generally prefer carrying Indian meals that are being liked by them.

Though packed/ ready to eat foods are high in preservatives, if you are going for a week or 10 days long trip then they can be savior too. Also traveling foreign country involves huge costs, therefore cooking Indian food in the hotel room can save money and affordable thing.

The following food items can be easily cooked in the hotel room. Also for cooking them, you don’t need any special types of equipment. They can be easily cooked with the help of an electric kettle, which is nowadays very basic availability at hotel rooms.

  1. Rice: My kid is fond of curd rice and which is nutritious, and can be cooked easily in the Hotel room. Rice is a very basic Indian meal and doesn’t require any special effort. So while traveling out, I carry good quality Basmati rice which can be cooked early.
    Before cooking the rice soak them in lukewarm water for at least half an hour, so that can be cooked easily. The only problem is only a limited quantity of rice can be cooked at a time. But mostly sufficient for my kiddos.

  1. Poha: Beaten rice is another easy recipe to cook in the hotel room. Mostly I use salt and parsley to cook them and they taste yummy with sauces (which are easily available in the hotel room) or curd.
    Soak the beaten for half an hour in lukewarm water and then add salt and Green coriander to it. it does not only taste good but also holds good nutritional values.

  1. Suji kheer: If your LO is very young, then this can be a good option. In an electric kettle boil some milk and add roasted suji. Stir it well and then add sugar. Usually, kids prefer it to be sweet but if you want you can make it salty as per your taste buds.

  1. Dal: There are some varieties of dal that can be cooked in a few minutes. Try Arhar or Moong Chilka dal, as they cook early. For early cooking soak them in hot water for more than half water and then with the same water, pour it in the electric kettle. Add some salt and leave it for 10 minutes. Garnish with the coriander, if available as soon your dal is cooked.

  1. Three tier sandwich: I usually make a three-tier sandwich for my kid. She really loves it. So first cut the corners of the bread. On one piece spread butter, Jam on another and green chutney on third. Then club them together and cut into cute shapes.
    Your kid will really love it. Also, it is good to fill the stomach for elders. Try this three tier sandwich with hot tea, coffee or Milk, I am sure you will love its spicy and buttery taste.

  1. Ready to eat: Nowadays there are many ready to eat options are available in the market. From Upma to Dal Makhni, you can try many of the options. You just need to them reheat or boil the packet in hot water.
    If traveling for a shorter span of time then may be ready to eat is the good option but due to heavy preservatives, regular use can use harmful effects to your body.

The above are few food items which can be carried while traveling and easily cooked in the hotel room. For most of them, an electric kettle is more than sufficient to cook. Moreover, they are healthy nutritious and cheapest too.

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  1. How to cook rice? in electric kettle or on induction? if in electric kettle how to cook rice either to open the lid of electric kettle for 10 min. or to close the lid while cooking rice in electric kettle. Please suggest.

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  3. Sach me , khane per bahut jyada kharch hota hai aur itne din hotel ka khana accha bhi nahi lagta, ek baar to ghar ka khana yaad aata hi hai
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