Factors that induce, early puberty in a girl child.

Like every child learns to sit, walk, and speak, puberty is also something that is going to happen. Also, like other activities(walk, speak, sit) the age or time period to attains puberty may differ from one kid to another.

For a girl child, puberty is one of the important phases of life. This is the phase when she has to understand all the criticalities of her body. But at times it may occur at a very early age. And being a parent, it’s very much required to understand the factors responsible for early puberty.

Factors responsible for early puberty in girls.

With the change in environment and other factors, the age of puberty has decreased from 14-16 to 8-12 years. Nowadays, girls are getting periods at a very early age but it is not something to be worried about. The real thing is to find out the factor that is responsible for early periods or puberty.

Lack of physical activities: Once there is a slowdown or lack of physical activities by the kid, chances are more that she will get periods early

Overeating: This is one of the main causes which induces early puberty in girl kids. Overweight kids are more prone to get it early than slim kids.

Thyroid: Increase in the thyroid can be another reason. Yes, you heard it right!! The thyroid can induce puberty early in kids.

Eating more of Sour n sweet thing: If a kid is eating too much sour or sweet food, may get an early sign of puberty.

Genetic syndrome: At times it is due to genes as well. If the mother got at a very early stage, might be possible that the daughter also get it at a very early stage

Who to consult for a girl’s puberty?
I have visited many doctors related to my queries for a girl’s puberty. And believe me, gynecologists are the best ones to speak about it. No! they don’t do any internal check-ups but their knowledge about the female body is much more vast than any general physician or Paedtirician.

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