15 Super Baby Foods- infant’s nutrition food

It is of utmost importance for a new parent to be well informed regarding her infant’s nutrition especially once they reach their first milestone at 6 months. This marks the time in the baby’s life when it can first be given solid food. However, it can be a real challenge to understand and provide the best possible options for your baby. Here we have tried to compile a small list of super baby foods that will not only satiate your baby but also develop in them develop familiarity to taste. Also in the initial months, all solid foods given to the baby should be in a pureed form as it is the best way to start your baby on solid food:

1 Mashed Bananas – One of the most common easy to digest items, banana is an extremely nutritious and is also easily available food item. The best part is that babies seem to love it. It is also incredibly easy to make this at home, no need to buy it from outside. The thing to remember is that mashed banana for your baby must not be steamed. All you must do it mash up a banana in the blender to make a puree and mix it with formula milk for a smooth and easy to eat consistency.

2 Vegetable Soup – In order to complete the nutrition balance you wish to give to your child the benefits of vegetables along with fruit are essential. You can try this recipe where you mix beans, spinach leaves, carrot, and a few peas. Peel and wash everything and remove the dirt. Chop all veggies and then steam them. Put the steamed veggies into the blender and then strain them to offer your baby delicious homemade vegetable soup.

3 Lentil soup or ‘Daal ka pani’ – An age-old and a very healthy starter solid food item for your baby. All you need to do is to first wash the pulses in fresh water. After that, boil and mash them right after. Feed the baby this mash once it is cool enough.

4 Apple Puree – Apple is one of the best fruits to be consumed by people of all ages and this includes babies as well. They obviously cannot chew at this stage and therefore you can peel and cut apples and steam them. Once they are tender blend them into a puree and feed your baby.

5 Avocado – Easily available in supermarkets these days this buttery fruit can be very easily mashed and given to a 6-month-old baby can be easily fed. It is already a soft fruit it is very easy to digest.

6 Pea Puree – Tasty and full of nutrition, this particular recipe is a fantastic addition to your baby’s diet chart. Steam fresh peas so they soften. Blend them into a soft puree and feed them to your baby.

7 Mashed Mango – This exotic seasonal fruit makes for a perfect meal for your baby. Not only will your child enjoy this tangy flavour they will eat it with joy. Since mango is already a soft and mushy fruit all you need to do is peel and cut them into small pieces and blend into a smooth puree. Add some formula milk if needed to get the desired consistency.

8 Carrots – Carrots can be fed to the 6-month-old baby or above. Carrot is full of vitamins and is sweet-ish to consume. Steam the carrots well first or you can also boil them and them blend them into a puree before feeding them to your baby.

9 Mixed fruit puree – Peel, cut, mix and steam seedless seasonal fruits. After steaming blend into a smooth puree and feed it to your baby.

10 Potato puree – This may not be a very popular choice but is definitely deserves to make this list. Peel and chop potatoes into small pieces so that they can be easily mashed. Once boiled properly, mash them with the help of a masher add formula milk if needed to attain consistency. Feed the nutritious potato puree to the baby.

 11 Grape juice – You can choose either green or black seedless grapes and boil them to assure they are totally bacteria free. After boiling and mashing them into a pulp, feed the juice to the baby with a spoon. It is essential for every parent to make sure that the food given to the babies is easily digestible, non-allergic, and is sterilized properly to avoid any risks.

 12 Mashed Pumpkin – A soft and healthy vegetable makes for a good recipe for your baby. Simply peel, de-seed and blend the pumpkin into a puree sort of consistency and feed it to your baby.

13 Banana Applesauce – Prepare apples and bananas separately. Peel, chop and boil the apples until tender and mash them. Mix this saucy puree with the raw banana mash and feed your baby.

14 Rice Cereal – Boil a cup of water and add blended rice powder in it. Mix the same for 10 minutes and add milk formula in it. Serve it to the baby while it is still warm.

15 Pear Sauce – Just like apples, pear sauce is also a great option to feed the babies. Prepare this the same way applesauce is prepared on this list.
Try out all these recipes today.

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