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The West has been noticing an exponential increase in the workload among the workforce. Everyone, be it a salesman or the owner of the large firm has been facing various implications related with the surmounting mind baggage dished out by the seniors and contenders.With the increased competition in every field, the frustration and stress levels are piqued in most of the people. Everyone is looking for the perfect way to release this stress and keeping alive the age old tradition of going on a holiday to take a break,  a new form of tourism has emerged –  yoga tourism.

One of the few things that predates most modern civilizations, yoga is the uncontended scheme for keeping the body active and the mind invigorated. It was originated in ancient India approximately five thousand years ago and is still practiced perpetually in the country by many which has led to a flock of tourists coming to India to divulge in the yogic art.

          India sees a large efflux of yoga enthusiast from all over the world every year due to its historic association with it. This has led to opening up of a plethora of yoga instructing schools all of the subcontinent to meet the escalating yoga tourism demands.

          Many of these places have become the hotspots for the yoga enthusiasts and hence provide a comprehensive course for all the aspirants. Trivandrum, the capital of Kerala adverts a serene environment for yoga under the shade of palm trees and heralds the arrival of a large number of tourists every year. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand rightfully called the yoga capital of the world extends its hospitality to the mass of the tourists and attempts to rejuvenate them from within by the administration of daily yoga lessons. Another favourite of the yoga tourists is the  snow clad Himalayas in Dharamshala and Mcleordganj which provides a completely differentenvironment as compared to their contemporaries, what with the snow peaked mountains giving the soul stability and the cool climate releasing the tensions from the mind, this provides the most geographically apt location to cast away the worries, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and corporate cultures.

          Yoga tourism has witnessed a hike in India because its advantages are twofold. Firstly the said person gets to practice the  divine art of yoga and hence fulfil their main agenda. Secondly, most of the yogic hotspots are nearby or themselves are picturesque locations which help the visitor make some unforgettable memories. The best tour operator for yoga tour is Swadeshi Journeys that offer a wider package that is to say cover more than one location and hence give the yoga tour more meaning because they will be travelling across the globe therefore it makes more sense logistically to cover more than one destination in one trip.

          People visiting India to learn its yogic ways gain much more than they expect because of the rich and diverse heritage of the country. The inclination of yoga tourism has been beneficial from the economic point of view too. The tourists bring with them foreign currency that benefits our economy. People of various stature come for yoga tours and this has led to mushrooming of different scales of yoga schools. The large chains provide a great place for generating employment and the small scale help the enthused entrepreneur set up their own establishment.

          The culture of yoga tourism is the perfect real time example of killing two birds with one stone as it provides the peace and calm to the tourist/yoga-student while at the same time giving them the fortuity of exploring the exotic and beguiling locations of India. At the same time it benefits the nation because is leads to various economic advantages and helps in generating employment and keeping alive the ancient art of yoga.

There is International Yog Festival, 2019 which held every year in Rishikesh. It is one of largest yoga event ever organized and a must join for all yoga enthusiasts. In this traditional and modern style oof yoga come together and teach each other. You can be a part of this festival by clicking HERE . 


  1. Yoga is one thing that works for all age groups and from teens to senior citizens.
    This post was so enlightening.

  2. Yoga is the best way to achieve sound health. And needs no expensive equipments.

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