Winters is my favorite season. They have all reasons to be celebrated like yummy food, late sleep, overloaded with clothes and sitting in sun for hours. Recently Fashion at big bazaar has given one more reason to celebrate it. #WinterswithFBB.

No matter how many woolen clothes I have but still love to have more of them especially Jackets. Best is when these jackets are #leaherjackets. So when I got a voucher from FBB to purchase, leather jacket, I could not stop myself and went to purchase it another day. Though the selection was tough but preferred this brown jacket as going with almost all my dresses.

Look 1: Leather Jacket with Pair of jeans
IMG-20171206-WA0003-640x640 #WinterswithFBB

IMG-20171206-WA0003-640x640 #WinterswithFBB

Look 2: Jacket and my black dress, pics have been clicked by my daughter so my face is missing.

IMG-20171206-WA0003-640x640 #WinterswithFBB


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