Why to visit India?

Why to visit India?

I know many bloggers, travelers or foreigners who wants to travel India but are scared because of one or another reasons. There are many misleading information as well which anyways make them apprehensive to visit India. As far as I am concerned I am true Indian and love every bit of my country. Obviously India is different from rest of world but there are many reasons why it stands outstanding from rest of the world.

1. Diversity: In India we have many cultures, states, religion, food and seasons. It is the only country where even in a lane you can find 7 different homes having different religion yet happy with each other.

2. Warm and welcoming people: People here in India are warm and welcoming. We saw any blonde and we start treating them as a famous personality. I saw many people running after foreigner for having a pic with them. Here only even worst of creed is welcomed with warm heart.

3. Faith in God: Indians have utter faith in God. We have many religion and so many famous temples, mosques, church and Gurudwaras. We believe in magic and powers of God, We have saints, books, places which not only calm you, helps you in self realization but also make you familiar with life’s reality.

4. Colorful and Grand: From North to South, India has many colors to offer. In Rajasthan where you can see various forts, palaces, luxurious life whereas in Uttrakhand you will simple life, near to God. We have best Ayurveda, Yoga, Saints, Naturopaths which you ca’t find anywhere else in the world.

5. Economical: Believe it or not but India is the most economical country you can ever visit. From modes of transport to food, you can find things at relatively lower cost than rest of the world.

So have you ever been to this colorful country and if yes, please tell me what you like about my country. Also if anyone of you want to visit and is scared than please write to me, I would be more than happy to help you.


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