Why I Love Travelling? #SayYesToTheWorld

Though my feet were dirty, hairs were messy
and mind was clueless as everywhere it was sea
yet the chirping of birds, and setting of the Sun
realized me being at the right place
Yes!! Am born for traveling,
a nomad soul with itchy feet
a storyteller with everywhere to go

“I want to visit everywhere and see the uniqueness of world. For me traveling is life” – I had a ready answer for Amit’s question.
“There is the sparkle in your eyes while answering my question”, smiled Amit.

Hi everyone, am a travel freak. My mom says since I have a mole on my foot, I can not resist myself from traveling. But frankly, traveling is like a healthy addiction, a daring adventure for me. As soon as I complete my one travel plan, I start longing for the next.

I know this is not any solid reason for being a travel freak. The few things that keep me motivated to travel more and more are as follows:

Travel gives the memories to cherish forever: My saree clad Mother in law loves wearing Suits. Papaji (Father in law) admiring her and giving compliments like “meri heroine”. We would not have come to know about this fashion admiring nature of Papaji if had not planned for vacations to Bhubaneswar with family. A trip with family/friend or solo gives several memories which are for life and if you are a good photographer, it would not be hard for you to preserve them.

IMG_20180303_161610500_HDR-640x640 Why I Love Travelling? #SayYesToTheWorld

Travel makes friends who last for life: While going to Mumbai, on my first Solo trip, I met Jaya. She was from Delhi and a teacher. Without stopping for even a minute, we talked for two hours, Find out many similarities between our lives. It looks as if we know each other since ages. It has been 3years, that I visited Mumbai, we are still in touch and meet frequently too.

IMG_20180303_161610500_HDR-640x640 Why I Love Travelling? #SayYesToTheWorld

Travel for changed perspective about the world: Initially, when I thought of traveling I used to be damn scared, find myself unable to manage everything. But slowly, I have gained the confidence to trust unknown people, eating the street side food, exploring the city at night. Yes, Obviously I take precautionary measures. But now I know that even alone am able to manage everything on my own. Even my parents have developed that open-mindedness and trust on my solo travel.

IMG_20180303_161610500_HDR-640x640 Why I Love Travelling? #SayYesToTheWorld

Travel taught you fundamentals better than any MBA school: In Mumbai, its better to use local trains than cabs, while in Delhi, cabs are the best medium to travel. Be inquisitive before trusting anyone and always go for a reputed hotel when traveling solo. A complete research is a must before visiting any new place, and try to connect with localities through friends and social media to know more about the destination.

No, all these have not been read in any book. They are based on my experiences which I have gained through traveling.

IMG_20180303_161610500_HDR-640x640 Why I Love Travelling? #SayYesToTheWorld

Travel give wings to imagination: Traveling has converted me into a storyteller. I love sharing my travel stories. Whether Nainital, Naukuchiatal or Parashar, there is a story behind all travel. I write about where to go, why to go and how to go. My love for traveling has just grew stronger. Also With more than 100s of the blog about travel, not only I got many good friends, readers but recognitions too.

IMG_20180303_161610500_HDR-640x640 Why I Love Travelling? #SayYesToTheWorld

Travel gives you chance to experiment: With travel as a passion and a hobby, I love to experiment with it as well. On our Last trip to Nainital, due to too much rush, we stayed at a localite home and enjoy their hospitality. We truly enjoyed living the rustic life, local food and their culture. In Rajasthan, a sponsored trip we led our life as Royals, staying in Palace and getting Elephant size buffet exclusively done for us.

IMG_20180303_161610500_HDR-640x640 Why I Love Travelling? #SayYesToTheWorld

Travel is about traveling responsibly: No use of polythene, causing minimal waste, no hank panky with nature are few points that I follow while traveling. I respect the destination I visit. Also try to protect its beauty and naturally. Travel responsibly is not about a person or family. It is the duty of everyone to our Mother Nature and protect it for future.

Traveling spurs the openess, help us live a more enriched life. We approach new people, we listen to them and we embrace their thoughts. We move away from the well-known paths. We activate our curiosity. As open minded people, we cherish variety and diversity in our day-to-day life; the more we travel the more we crave novelty.

If we have experienced openness once, we start wanting more. Lufthansa shares this outlook on life and wants to support people in doing so through travel.

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