When you want to give up but still wanted to complete it- Ingenious, Incredible and divine- Kumbh


“Today the #XploreBharatBlogTrain has come to Kumbh, Prayagraj from Agra. The next stop of this #XploreBharatBlogTrain is Vasco De Gama byManas.”

Except the crowd, I could not see anything else. Holding my daughter’s hand, I was being pushed to move in a direction, clueless. After walking for several kilometers with kids and luggage, we all were damn tired.

So when, policemen told it’s another kilometer, seriously, I wanted to go back, neither my mind nor my body was ready to move an inch. The fatigue over took my mind and scorching sun made it blanker. But somewhere I knew if in case for a second I discussed this thought with Amit, he would be the first one to go back and we will be unable to complete the Kumbh.

This was the second time I went to Kumbh, first was in Haridwar. But this time we were facing more problem as we decided to travel on Mukhya Snan dates. Also traveling with two kids and one senior citizen had made it more gross.

I was too excited for Kumbh, like any of my travel plans. I started planning for this more than a month ago. Initially when I booked, it was 9 tickets but finally we were only 4 people who went for the Kumbh. Almost everyone scared us of the crowd and long distance that we would have to walk. Yes, I was too scared but determined to make it as I know with each year am getting old and it may not be possible next time.

And to be very honest am quite happy, I made it. When you see crores of people walking and trying to make it, you get a different aura which is beyond words. You get courage when people who are above 60 years, walking effortlessly with a zeal to make it. You realize nothing in this world is realistic except what you are facing. People still believe in god and there are no hardships which are impossible. Everyone have their pains but there are still who believes in God and ready 

Why visit Kumbh: 1.Kumbh is the largest human gathering in this world. People across the World are part of it and it is believed everyone is not able to make it.

2.You are lucky if you made it– Ardh Kumbh held once in every 6 years and only at four locations in India. Yes, its is not easy to make it possible, due to crowd, location and weather. So if you are getting a chance, its better not to leave it.

3.One of the longest Hindu festival: At Kumbh, you will realize how people firmly believe in God. No matter how much educated you are, your faith overpowers the fact at Kumbh.

4.Wash your sins off: Dip in Holy water: Though we were damn tired but after having bath in holy water, we forget all our pains and felt fresh. We got another gush of energy and power to walk few more kilometers.

5.Get tete O tete with saints and their lifestyle: At kumbh you will meet with many saints. Lanes are full of saints, so the pandals. But every saint is not genuine. To be honest,you will not get to meet genuine one. Those who are about money can only be seen and clicked.

6.Meet more friendly faces: From policemen to vendors, you will meet many smiling faces. Their smiles give you more strength and power to complete it. You will also see people who are costumed as God or goddess and gives you blessings for some bucks.

What not to expect? a. You belong to any category, until and unless you have some strong political connections, there is no way that you will treat especially at Kumbh. b.Maybe there is less crowd but walking for KMs will be there so be prepared. c.Clean public toilets are not easy to find. Though there are plenty of them but seems crowd is more than them. d.May be you are open to pay double or thrice the amount to the rickshaw puller to take you to the destination, might be possible that they wont get ready.

Special points for Kumbh visit.                                                                            

 If traveling with kids, try them to memorize them guardians mobile number which can be used in case of emergency. Also put 2-3 slips in their pockets, having guardians name & number written on it.

Its no way possible that you get to come and go the same path. Thats why try to be tgether and keep belongings with you only.

Try to keep luggage as minimum as you could. After walking for KMs it feels like a burden. Better to take backpacks than suitcase or duffle bags.

If traveling with kids, pack home cooked food as much as you can.

Carry some change and hard cash. Atm may not work there

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  1. Wow, You refreshed my 12-year-old memories of 2007 Kumbh in Prayag. The place gets magical indeed.
    such a nice pictoral glimpse, loved it.

  2. Omg! Did you really got the chance to visit Khumbh mela, so lucky! He feel of attending Khumbh is itself so amzing…I loved the detailed diacription of the Blog.

  3. I remember back in 2001 I’d read about a Mahakumbh that takes place once every 144 years. I was never going to be able to attend that, and I’ve not been to any of the other kumbhs and ardhkumbhs either. Your post, though, makes it clear what the special pull of the occasion and place is, and special credit to you for that.
    The pictures are wonderful too.👏👏

  4. My mother in law went to the kumbh last month as she was mesmerized by her experience on every level. Be it spiritualilty, socialism or organization, every thing was really commendable. I would try to visit it next time.

  5. I haven’t been to Kumbh yet as I feel we can pray even sitting in our room. It is just about the positive mind and vibes around you. But it’s good to know about Kumbh from your blog. Thanks for sharing the bits!


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