When Shahjhan and Mumtaz become real and live-A day at Oh! Max wonderland


In today’s world, it’s hard to sustain just with the books’ knowledge. I am a mother of two kids and I know how fast the world is changing. I had my first mobile when I entered college but for my son, he at the age of 3 knows how to play games and watch videos on a smartphone.

Not only kids, but even our world is also changing. I am, who is too fond of reading books and has a collection of various novels, literature books, and others, hardly get the time to read them. So in this changing world, places like Oh! Max wonderland is a necessity. Oh! Max is India’s 1 st Indoor theme park. It’s a mega entertainment destination. It is full of eduventures and edutainment. 

Oh! Max is divided into five themes which will take your from pre-history to history till the present. These are based on various stories from all over the world which gives the best memories for you and your full family.
Let me take you on a virtual/ written tour of the themes of Oh! Max Woderland– Indoor Theme Park.

  • Jungles of Amazon: Dark, dense jungle of Amazon will guarantee to take you to the world of woodlands. Here you will witness the life-sized wild animals in their wild actions. Lions’ roar, elephants drinking water will set you amazed as well provide knowledge.
Jungles of Amazon
  • Treasures of Tut: The kids below 10 years are not allowed in Treasure of Tuts. Wars, gold, mummies and strange creatures will try to make you scared. Just be cautious while entering this cursed cave as you there can be anyone behind you.
  • The unsinkable Titanic: From the history of Titanic right from the 19th Century to the luxurious rooms, cafe, here you will witness everything. Captain John Smith , passenger, staff, the crew will leave worldless with their performances and stories.
  • The Chocolate Factory: Who don’t love chocolates but learning the art of making purest chocolates is no doubt out of this world feeling. So enter the World of Chocolate with prince & princess Pudducherry.
  • Mirror Maze: Heads up and hands in the front move where you et way. Mirror maze is all about trusting your reflections and not to get fooled by the mirror’s deceptions.
  • Oh! Taj- the secret Chambers of Taj– Once you enter this, you feel mesmerized by the 40 feet long exact replica of real Taj. Here you can uncover the forbidden resting tombs of Sultan-e-Hind Shahjhan and Mumtaz Mahal. Get a glimpse of Shahjhan’s unreal love for Mumtaz and the exquisite display of the finest Mughal architecture.

The live a drama and holographic performance will be bought your experience of Taj to life and reality.

Oh! Max wonderland is an Indoor theme park where whole family can have fun irrespective of the age groups. You can visit here with your parents and kids as well. So if you are thinking to visit it soon, here are few details that will help you to plan accordingly.

Timings: 11:00AM- 7:00PM (Mon-Sun)

Ticket fees:

  • Oh!Taj 6D @Rs.350/per person
  • Oh!Taj Premium @Rs.500 per person
  • Oh!MaxExplorer @Rs. 750 perperson
  • Oh!Taj & Oh!Explore Combo Pack.@ ₹999 per person.

Special Instructions:

  • Start early so that you can enjoy all the themes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • There is a play area for kids which is well maintained and looked by trained staff
  • Outside eatables are not allowed.
Playarea for kids

Location: Oh!Max Entertainment, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

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  1. This park is Oh so entertaining for kids. I feel its a source of knowledge and information too. Wanna visit soon.

  2. wow this looks like a fun theme park for a nice outing with family. It’s great that you can host birthday parties there too!

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