weightloss doesn’t mean following everyone’s advice.



You know we are very wrong when we say India is suffering from unemployment, we have many who are not supporting to our GDP but yet working. Their work is -“free ki advice Dena”.

A high school failed uncle will advise you to study hard.
A fat aunt who hardly ever lose a kilo will advise you how to lose weight fast.
Every mother (irrelevant, you know her or not) will tell you how to take care of your child,
Mother in law will always advise you how to manage home, kids, and husband.
Almost everyone in the park, if you are going for the Morning walk and little bit fat will suggest you the fitness regime or diet plan.

from what to eat to what to read, dress chose and so on, you will get to meet people who are always ready to give you expert advice.

it is not required to follow each and everyone’s advice if you are trying for weight loss. There is no one who knows your body better than you.

Today Morning, while I was doing lunges at our colony park a middle-aged lady came to me. She told me that I should not practice lunges every day or for repetitive times as that may cause fattening of my thigh muscles. Scaring isn’t it fattening of thighs muscles?? Imagine my tights become like that aunty, each leg is like a one suffering from elephantiasis. And I was doing it for getting lean muscles. Seriously, very irritated by her uninvited advice. I am doing lunges since last few months and because of them only I feel a positive difference in my thighs.

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So friends, while opting for weight loss, it is not required to follow each and everyone’s advice. There is no one who knows your body better than you. Just there is a need to identify those loopholes which are not bringing the positive change in your body. There are few ways with which you can find out the best advice or regime or diet for your body:

  1. A program to which you can adhere to: I have seen many sites, companies, brands selling expensive pills, powder and many other items for the weight loss which may obviously cause benefit in short-term but cannot be followed for lifelong. So there is no need to fall prey of such programs as they are expensive and may cause you health-related issues.
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  2. Instead of lowering down your metabolism & stamina, will increase it: you are not only losing your weight but as well as your stamina which means the program that you have opted for is not at all meant for you. You should go for a program which helps you in achieving a healthy body and mind.

3. Effective: A program which is effective and helping you to achieve desired change to your body. If you are trying since long and still not find any change in your body, it means there is some loop in your fitness regime, so better to change or alter it.

  1. Best suited to your time-table: I started with getting at 5:00 AM and due to kids couldn’t make it to bed before 11 in the night. Only after few days, I started feeling tired, and like a lost soul. I understood that there is a need to make a change in my fitness regime and thank god, I did it soon without being late. So if you are following a regime which is not suited to your time-table than its better to change it early than leaving it in long run.

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  2. Identify your problem area : Usually when I start losing weight, my face my neck and upper body part became lean. So this time while going for weight loss, I focused more on my core and lower body part area. I designed it in a way where most of the exercise is related to lower body part only.
  3. Makes you healthy not sick: If you are losing weight and glow on your face than rethink as weight loss is not about looking sick. Fat can come back but once the glow of your skin will go, it will never come back. So make sure to select a regime wisely mainly through herbs and eating right.
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