Tungnath Trek Guide- A place without electricity

I got many mails asking for the full information about Tungnath and its trek. So, it is in continuation to my last post about How To reach Tungnath by Road. Also, if you rae still searching for reasons to visit Uttarakhand than please read my post about this Devbhoomi and reasons to visit it.

After having Maggi and hot cup of tea, we started for Tungnath, enjoying the pleasant weather and natural beauty. The place is away from materialistic world, very peaceful, full of natural beauty, I can’t stop yourself from saying “Wow”. For few minutes I was watching mouth opened.

From Chopta to Tungnath its only 3.35KM but due to steep road it takes more than two hours. Its quite tiring but worth going. Though you can opt for Horses but in that case you will miss something, something Natural and beautiful. We started around 5:30PM and reached to Tungath at 7:30PM. Though there is no danger of wildlife or any kind of criminal activities over there but than also prevent going after dark ,if you are alone or with your children. Forget to tell you, always keep torch and umbrella handy in Tungnath. Thanks to God rain started after we reach our destination. We were sweating and shivering as well due to great chilling winds.

People over there are really great hosts. they make you comfortable, light their woods, serve you tea, talk to you, entertain you, yeah obviously they charge for tea but that’s something which seems negligible in front of their hard work and benevolent nature.

There are not much options available for food but whatever they cook looks so yummy and you will eat double of what you eat otherwise or in town. But if you are going in large group and is a foodie then you must carry food items, villagers will happily cook them for you.

Oh!! Forget to tell you since it has been announced as a sanctuary area there is no electricity over there. U have to depend on natural lights / solar lights .

Must have: Torch, Medicines, umbrella, woolen clothes, mosquito coil, candle and matchstick box. In case you are looking for more travel accessories..please visit 
Food: Dal , Roti, seasonal veggies, Maggi, tea and milk ( one course food of one person cost Rs.80).

Accommodation: Huts are available with large sized beds, one Rest house, one Dharamshala. Please check about quilts condition before opting for any place to sleep.

Hotel: No proper hotels are available.

Places To visit: Chandrashilla (the highest peak, about 1.5 KM from Tungnath), though we couldnot go there as villagers were quite skeptical about taking a small child to that place and who wants to have risk when it comes to your kid  .

But if you are spending your day there than should explore near by area. Its just pleasure to be there. Clouds coming and going, light rain and you in the midst of natural scenery. bajafeedback.com

Also enjoy aarti at 7:30pm. Its really marvellous.

Note: If you are too much scared of insects and don’t love camping than will suggest not to opt for this place.

                                                  On the way from Chopta to Tungnath



                                              Huts where you can have snacks



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Though I was tired, Sweating but was smiling




                                                   Finally we are here..aieeeeeeeeeee,3600Mts above sea level


                                                      Tomato loved to watch Horses

                                                                   Tungnath Mandir

                                               Another Entrance Gate of Mandir


                                                                Bhairav Nath Mandir

                                            Tungnath mandir: These small temples  represent Five Pandavs

                                                      Jai bhole Baba ki


                                                                Gate of Shiv Temple

                                                         Amit and Tomato in Mandir

                                                Amit and tomato doing Puja




                                                     Way from Hut To Mandir

                                                                 Exploring the beauty

                                                               Father- Daughter Poses





                                                                       Huts in Tungnath

                                                              Early Morning

                                                         the place where we Eat


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