Trekking/Hiking Essentials for Expeditions In India – A must have list


Trekking is not only about testing your physical ability, but it is also more of responsibility and test of your mental strength. So far, I have trekked many places and recently done with the longest and toughest trek so far.

The Hemkund Sahib trekking and that too in Monsoon season and with kids, was no doubt a difficult one but still able to make it due to determined mind. There I saw many females who were walking barefoot while many of us were not able to walk with the best of shoes.

So, on basis of my experience with the trekking so far, I have compiled a list of items that I mainly carry in my backpack while trekking. They are the hiking essentials for me, I find relevant you can also include mentioned items in your hiking essential list.

1. water bottle: Water bottle is one of the most important hiking essentials in India. During the trek, the body uses water to keep muscle moving, therefore there is a need for the fluid intake to keep the PH balance. The absence of water can cause dehydration and kill the enjoyment of trekking.



2. sunglasses: The Sun is mostly on its brighter side on mountains. Also, while trekking on snow, you probably need sunglasses to save yourselves from the reflection of the snow. Moreover, to get good photogenic photos, sunglasses are the must-haves.

3. Good shoes: Shoes are the another most important item for trekking. They play a very important role during the trek. Though different shoes are suitable for a different kind of treks. But being a very economical person, I have chosen a pair of shoes which is a proper fit for me. They are lightweight, waterproof with good grip.


4. Torch: Always pack a torch in your hiking gear. Without the torch, you may lose many things during dark or night. Also while traveling in woods, the torch is a must have. I always opt for a battery operated torch so that may not lose sight of things coming in my way while trekking.


5. Hiking backpack: Backpack should be selected on basis of your height, weight, and gender. For females usually, backpack with larger spaces and in which weight can be distributed. The storage system should also be proper and there should be space for the water bottle.


6. Camera: If you are hiking and don’t click photos than you don’t belong to this planet. A camera is very much needed to make memories which can be cherished forever. However, you can opt for either mobile or professional camera depending on your skills and hobby.





7. extra clothes: While hiking in mountains, you should carry an extra pair of clothes. Choose clothes which are lightweight, full sleeves and get dry easily.





8. first aid box: First Aid box is a savior for the trekker and his team. Bandage, painkillers, dry wipes, antiseptic, anti-allergy, anti-blister, and duct tape are few of the important items which have to be part of your first Aid kit during hiking expedition.



9. Pair of socks: Whether to prevent blisters or keep yourself warm, socks are a much-needed item in your hiking essentials. Select a sock which has good ability to control moisture and also get dry easily.




10. light snacks: The trek of Valley of flower takes almost 6-7 hours. There is no shops or availability of food items in between. Also while trekking Parashar, You will not find anything too much, therefore it is always advisable to carry light snacks while hiking.


You can carry items like chocolates, nuts, biscuits, to keep you charged for the longer time period.

There are other items like Charger, pocket knife, Paper soap, hiking poles which are equally important while going for trekking. Do let me know if I missed out something or need to elaborate more on any of the above items.

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