Checklist of the items to carry while travelling in Plane with kid


Though I was excited about my recent vacations to Orissa but I knew traveling with a two year-old naughty kid is really going to be tough for me.

More than anything else I was worried if he becomes cranky, not only me but the other passengers will also be troubled. Therefore through some research on internet and parenting books, I could manage to find out the items which need to be packed to keep him busy/ less problematic during our three hours long flight.

  1. Candies/Chocolates: If your infant loves eating candies and chocolates, then pack few of them in your handbag. You never knew when you end up having an urgent need for these items. Also, candies will relief infant from ear pain while taking off and landing of the plane. Thus I packed his favorite lollipops for the crucial moments.

  1. Baby food: Mostly infants become cranky when they are hungry. No matter you have food on the flight or not pack his/her favorite food on the flight so that he can be stomach full and sleep silently. Here is the list of 5 Indian foods to carry while travelling with kids

  1. favorite Toy: It is one of the most important items to carry while traveling in the plane with infants. My boy loves cars, so while going for traveling I always carry his favorite toy or smaller version of it. His favorite toy mostly keeps him busy. Also after playing for few minutes with it, he started feeling sleepy.

  1. Window seat: A early check-in and booking a window seat is always an advantage point with kids. Since it is new to them, they love watching taking off, landing, sky, clouds, other planes. Try cooking up stories and telling them what is happening. It will keep them busy and inquisitive.

  1. Feeding bottle: Feeding bottle is very necessary for the infants. Not everytime you get chance to breastfeed them. The breastfeeding may not be possible at times, keep a feeding bottle will less you in urgent times.

  1. Birth certificate: Kid’s birth certificate is required for the check into the airport. It is the proof of kid’s age. An original copy of the birth certificate is mandatory as per the government rule. So better keep it handy with you.

  1. Extra Diapers: Another item that should be in your checklist while traveling in a plane with infants is extra diapers. Somehow if your kid is potty and toilet trained then also will suggest you keep two extra diapers in case you on a long-distance flight. Planes usually have four toilets and mostly occupied so in case of emergency can cause a problem.

  1. Web Check in: Nowadays web check-in is the most convenient if you are traveling with infants. With the help of web check-ins, you can print your own boarding pass, reserve your favorite seats and also overpass the long queues.