This weekend instead of Malls try CITY FOREST, GHAZIABAD

Tomato enjoy Bungee Jumping

City Forest, which is located on the banks of the Hindon, has walking trails, cycle tracks, horse-riding facility and guided tours for visitors with open gypsy/jeep rides. The City Forest is spread around 175 acres and is offering the public an opportunity to get tete a tete with nature.

My parenting style is a bit different from rest of the people. Instead of pampering my children and fulfilling all their wishes, I wanted them to understand the importance of money & hard work, getting rewards, being close to nature and enjoying without gadgets. And Thankfully to some extent am able to inherit many good habits in them.

My kids enjoy eating fruits over pasta or pizza. They love playing with toys instead of scoring high in mobile phones. They hardly watch TV, but love to play outdoor games. I have realized them getting everything is not possible. Whenever unsure of any situation, I used to think how my mom would have tackled it with four kids and everything goes easily.

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That’s why I am hardly in favor of taking them to the Malls. It’s not like being against their outings but my motive is to spend wisely and let kids learn the same. So as soon I get to know about a new park named CITY FOREST, opened in RajNagar extension, Ghaziabad, the next thing on mind was to plan a family picnic.

In City Forest Park, trees like neem, bamboo, amla, jamun, Arjun have been planted along the routes, “This gives the whole place the look of a natural forest,In the last one year, nearly two lakh saplings of different varieties have been planted in the area in addition to the existing tree cover of the region. The entire project area has been divided into nine blocks – A to I – with different features and facilities in each part.

The park has two water bodies – a five-acre and a three-acre lake – which have boating facilities for visitors. The three-acre lake is a natural wetland whereas tube wells have been set up for the five-acre lake to augment water supply to it. The lakes also attract migratory birds in the coming winters.

So Sunday Morning, after having breakfast and packing the lunch, we headed to City Forest. It was just 15 mins drive from our home. The place has a big parking area which was almost filled. A few meters walk and we were in a dense forest with huge trees everywhere. After searching for a proper sunny place to sit and enjoy the Sun, we spread out the sheet on the grass. Kids were excited after seeing horses, boats and further the swings have enhanced their excitements.

We spent more than 5 hours there. Kids totally enjoyed the fun day. As soon as we sat in the car they were slept as damn tired. I call it a weekend when kids enjoyed playing, walking and running. What about you?

                                          <strong>Timings and Fees:</strong>

The City Forest is open all days from 5:00 AM – 7:00 PM but Sundays are the real rush day. In order enjoy it at fullest, the best time is to reach there by 12 noon.
Entry Fees: Rs.5/ per adult
Parking fees: Rs.25/per four-wheeler.
Boating / Horseriding/ cycling Fees: Rs 59/per person. Full ticket for kids above 3years is charged.
There is a separate ticket for swings and adventure park.

                      <strong>Activities in City Forest park:</strong>

The City forest has something for everyone. You can enjoy from boating to cycling, jeep safari to horse riding here. It provides full enjoyment to all age groups.

                  <strong>  Things that are must carry while going for a picnic</strong>
  1. Carry mats while going for the picnic at City forest. though there are benches and huts to sit and enjoy but still if you are going for a family picnic they are much needed.

  2. Newspaper- to spread while eating food and one or two polythenes- to keep the waste.

  3. Water bottles, so that you can easily refill them whenever required.

  4. Food, carry at least double what you usually ate at home. Kids enjoy eating at picnics and maybe eat unexpectedly greater than what they otherwise eat.

  5. Light snacks like puffed rice, popcorns, groundnuts, bhoona chana are must carry if you are going with kids.

  6. If going with kids, extra hand towels, napkins, and hankies are also must carry.

I will recommend it for at least a one time visit. Do comment how you liked it? In case need any help do write to me.


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