This Valentine’s day get memories framed with “Jab we met”


“A beautiful picture speaks thousands words”.

Whenever am low I love to go through my happy moments which cherish me instantly. I have few photos which I keep them safe and look whenever dull or want to be happy. But it is not necessary that am always having my mobile with me. That’s why I like my precious moments to be framed.

In today’s technological world, it has become very convenient to capture each and every moment that is special in our lives. We just have to pick our mobile phones and click pictures. But sometimes when our phone memory is running out of space/ we lost backups/ phone memory get reset, we unwillingly lost some of the images that are not just pictures but memories that we created someday. But how nice would it be if you could capture your special moments with your special someone and keep them safe with you forever? Yes, you read it right! Now with InstaMosaicStudio “Jab We Met Frame” you can secure the memories with you forever!

capture love and moments

Reasons why you should get your photos framed in this technology world:

  • A memory to cherish forever
  • There are many conditions when you cannot enjoy looking at mobile or laptops, that time frames are the best to relieved.
  • A best gift for someone you love or care.
  • Its Valentine’s Day coming

Why to chose Jab we Met frame for this Valentine’s day from InstaMosaicStudio:

Jab we met frame captures where and when did you meet your love for the first time. Just add your photo and make it yours truly!

I am sure that you might be thinking of buying a similar frame, as a surprise gift for your partner, so let’s look at some of the necessary things you need to take care of before its possession. With InstaMosaicStudio it is made simplest.

From InstaMosaicStudio
  1. Choose your best pic: You have to choose your pic and upload that you want to get framed. Don’t worry InstaMosaicStudio will be available to help you if there is any changes required as per pic or its quality.
  2. Select the text from the menu: Select the text for the frame from the menu for example, “Jab we met” and select the date of the first meet. Finally, enter your names like “Amit &Sapna”. Then enter the location in the map. You can move the map around. Mark the heart on your location. If your location is not available, you can search for a nearby location/area or you can Whatsapp your location to 7434065995.
  3. Order online: You no need to visit anywhere, you can choose, select and order the frame. Also before making anything final, they will show you preview through WhatsApp or mail (whichever comfortable to you) and make changes if required.
  4. Make payment: No need to worry about making payment, you can use various payment gateways. Also if not feasible or comfortable with them you can go for cash on delivery as well.
  5. Communication with InstaMosaicStudio: The best part is InstaMosaicStudio is they are available on WhatsApp as well which makes very easy to interact with them. They will send you a preview, order confirmation message, delivery message, and others. They keep you updated about your order and also interacting in case of any problem or help required.

I know many of you are thinking why to go for InstaMosaicStudio when you have plenty of such sites available. Here are the reasons enough to convince you.

Buying process made easy: Trust me, the buying experience with instamosaic for Jab we met frame was a smoothest one. I am happy with the experience.

Product received in the best condition: From packing to delivery updates,
InstaMosaicStudio is 10/10. They have been in continuous touch to make sure, the product is delivered securely and safely.

Always available: For any queries, you can reach out to them on whatsapp or mail, as per convenience.

Jab we met frame has given a good reason to my husband for the smile. When your loved ones will look at the beautifully designed frame from InstaMosaicStudio he/she will definitely have a wide smile on his/her face. For that all you need to do is follow certain steps and place the order. Firstly, select the text that you wish to write from the menu, then enter the date when the memory was created, then enter your and your partner’s name, and at last find your location on the map and make a heart near it. That’s it your order is ready to be placed.

So stop waiting and start ordering as it can take 7-10 business days to reach you depending on location. Happy Valentine’s Day


  1. I loved the way they have created the concept to save the cutest memory of our togetherness. This is perfect gift that I can give to my Valentine’s. I will definitely check it out.


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