Things that are Must Try in India

India is famous for its cultural diversity and many things. India stands different from rest of the World. The only democratic country with  vivid culture, famous monuments, flora, fauna has made it stands as superior from other countries. If you are first time in India or for a short stay than here is the list of things you should probably experience once in India. Believe me these have the power to change your life, thinking and world.
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1. Puchka: You will find this item in almost every state of India. Golgappa/ Puchka/Pani Patase/ Pani Puri are few of its famous names. It’s the crispy fluffy balls filled with spicy water which gives you a feeling of yum. If you are not used to eat very spicy food than can ask for some sweetness into it. You can easily get them and that too at very reasonable rates. But don’t overeat them as have ability to cause running stomach also.

2. Yoga & Ayurveda: India is a land of saints, meditation and yoga. Yoga not only gives you a healthy body but also a healthy mind. It helps in achieving a totally different point of view towards life. Relaxes the soul and mind while Ayurveda will heal/cure you. Both have been originated from India and are their best in this beautiful country.

3. Wedding: You would have heard of “Big Fat Indian Wedding”, but nonetheless its big or fat, it is one of the mist try in India. The traditions, food, customs, dance, costumes involved in it are totally fun and enjoyment for everyone.

4. Wearing Saree/ Dhoti/ Turban: At least once you should try either of this dress. They are superb, looks beautiful and gives you a traditional look. The feeling you get after wearing these dresses is beyond words. You can alter the look depending on your taste but will suggest you to keep it simple and modern only.

5.  Rickshaw ride: The glimpse of India that a rickshaw ride will give you cannot be managed to have by a luxurious car. Going through the labyrinth paths and roads, you will get to see the real India and people & places that make it beautiful.

In case, you feel there are other options and must things in India, please do share your views.


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