The Delhi Canteen- review

The Delhi Canteen- review

I don’t know about other but if I am going out for dinner on Sunday evening, I will never prefer an empty restaurants. Daily we eat alone but when if we are going out, I want to see crowd, females nicely dressed, may be not too many but at least some.

So when I entered, The Delhi Canteen, Malviya Nagar my first impression was , Oh Holy cow!! we are the first customers. It is a restaurant in between the famous market of malviya nagar but the nearest metro station is Hauz Khas. I went there with my kids, niece, nephew and husband, so overall four kids and two elders. I have won voucher for meal for two.

We ordered vegetarian platter, dal makhani, shyam savera, stuffed kulchas. I find Dal and paneer subzi to very thick as it usually has to be. They are not seemed to be good match with breads. It looked like we should eat them without breads only.

We ordered Caramellody as dessert but they told us that it is not available. How come their specialty is not available on Sundays? Than we ordered Jamuna paar and Mousie Mousie.

My ratings:

Ambiance: 5 /5
customer service:3/5
cleanliness:4/5 –
toilets- 5/5

overall I will give it 3 stars only

things which bothered me:

  • my son broke on breads and spread them all over but no one from assistants bothered to replace them or ask them for new one.
  • As soon as we finished an elderly uncle came and smiled at us, his gestures were very suggestive as if asking us to pack up asap.

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