The benefits of Solo Travelling

The benefits of Solo Travelling

Not many of us are confident or get chance to travel solo but once you experience it you will two is crowd. Last year twice I got a chance to travel #Solo. Though it was only two days trip but the experience I gained is priceless.

1. Discover yourselves: You get to know your limitations, be yourself, and overcome your fears. When you know you have to manage everything on your own and their is no looking back than you are more realistic to yourselves. You start following your heart and become more focused.

2. Gain confidence: once you know you ahve to manage everything on your own, there is different kind of confidence that empowers you. First time when I traveled alone, I was super conscious, scared but once I did it, I was confident and ready to try another one.

3. Make new friends: When you are alone, we try to interact with every now and then and made new friends. We know even for getting a good pic clicked we need someone and so have to interact and be good friend with others

4. Indulge in anything: There is no one to stop you or tell you what should be done and what should not be. I ate lots of Panipuri while at Mumbai, though prone to cough but also at the same time medicated myself so that no throat infection catch me. So while travelling alone we are more cautious and know what is the right thing for us.

5. Economical: Obviously spending on one is more economical than spending on two. No two rooms, air tickets, food or travel bookings. You are alone and manage for yourself only. Whenever you want and from wherever you want you can eat but with family or friends you ahve to make choices accordingly.

New Friends that I made while travelling alone

Capturing a moment myself gives an immense pleasure

Chal akela chal akela…

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