#Technocrat MIL


Do you know my MIL?? What a stupid question..Obviously how can you and its good that you don’t. If there is any competition about the best nagger, than she will top the list. She has expert advice for everything. She always has different views from me for everything. She has lots of time and so are suggestions. Though I respect her a lot but at times or to be honest most of the times, I get irritated with her attitude and so much of free time for me.

But than one day, my life got changed. My MIL got super happy with me. She got super busy and hardly got anytime for giving suggestions. I know you would be curious to know the reason for this change. Shhhh…Its a big secret but since you are my friend, I will share the same with you. The problem solver is Smartphone and its technology. Yes, I gifted her a smart phone on her birthday. Since that day she is happy and so do I. Let me tell you how smart phone and its technology come for my rescue

Camera: Recently, my MIL has been honored as selfies queen. Selfies with pout, friends, family, neighbors, pets, God, and many times you can’t even imagine but she can really show you different ways to have selfies.

WhatsApp/ hike: photo sharing, gossiping through chat, creating various groups and becoming their admin is her best hobby now..

Social media like Facebook: You post a photo and you will instantly get her like on it as my MIL remains online for 24*7.

Hotstar/ YouTube: Before there used to be tension between us on watching our favorite serial but now she watch most of her serial on her smart phone only.

Smiley: Making faces and reacting to whatever I say was the best time pass for my MIL but now she sends meme, gifs and smiles instead of reacting in front.

Candy crush Passing the taunts is no longer her favorite game as now she loves to play candy crush. No one will believe if I say she is at 367 level of this game. Apartment for Rent in Anantara Residences, The Palm Jumeirah

Various other Apps: Now a days you will find her enhancing her knowledge by downloading various apps. From education to health, managing money to paying bills, you can find every type of app installed on her smartphone.

 My #technocrats Mother in Law (MIL)

My piece of advice: So if are married and want to keep your MIL busy and happy than best thing is to gift her a smartphone. Her happiness is equally proportional to your happiness. A smartphone has become a life savior in my case and hopefully it will be the same for you as well.