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So, out of motherly love, I asked my daughter what gift she wants for her birthday and was quite shocked to know her long list. It seems she don’t have anything and all the things in this world won’t be able to fill her wishes. Starting from school bag to lunchbox, painting colors to makeup kit and accessories, she needs everything.

Thank God!! I got to know about SUPER99 which has 35 stores across major cities of India and plans to open more in coming months. Their stores offer amazingly low prices for everyday products from categories as diverse as gifts, toys, kitchen items, beauty products etc.

They do not sell online, however, buyers can visit our website. They can find products from across categories, compare features & price, and then locate the address of our store near their house and do the shopping. Isn’t that amazing.

So finally, got few items from her list

  1. Lunch Box & Beaker set: The quality of the product is really good. It’s leak-proof and easy to open by kids as well.
    price on Super99: Rs.249

  2. Mug: The second thing my daughter asked for her milk mug. So I got this yellow mug with Boss written on it, truly suits my daughter’s personality. As per the quality and design, the price is really low and affordable.
    price on Super99: Rs.89

  3. Mirror: This round makeup mirror with suction cup is really needed for a travel freak like me. It can be helpful in applying the makeup anywhere.
    price on Super99: Rs.69

  4. Makeup brush: Another useful item with comparatively low prices from other stores and quality is far more better than any other branded brush.
    price on Super99: Rs.249

The reason why I like shopping with Super99 is

  1. Feel, touch and enjoy shopping at SUPER99 store!

It’s time to shop the way most Indians do! So, visit a SUPER99 store near you and feel the real joy of shopping. Here, you can feel and touch the product before buying them, a la real shopping! We know online shopping may well be convenient, but it never does feel enriching. After all, we Indians are a bit different when it comes to buying. We love buying products only after ‘getting a feel of it’. This is where online shopping fails to satiate our appetite. Thus super99 bring retail shopping for those people who still love to ‘see-touch-and-feel’ before buying anything. At SUPER99 store, don’t pay unless sure what you’re paying for!

  1. Choose online, shop offline!

Yes, get the best of both worlds. You can now choose online and shop offline! Shopping was never that much fun for sure. Visit website, browse through available product categories and see what catches your fancy. With a listing of hundreds of thousands of products of daily use, you are sure to stumble upon something that excites and delights you in equal measure. The website will help you get a good idea about the product and then, you can locate our nearest store to see and feel the product before actually buying.

  1. Feel the magic of real shopping!
    Online shopping is not always fun. In most cases, you order one thing and feel like being delivered with something entirely different. Sometimes, you also feel like cheated. You’re not alone, as a growing number of people feel this way, and actually, rue the decision of shopping that way. So, say goodbye to that ‘unreal’ shopping and stick to what suits you the best – REAL SHOPPING. Visit one of the Super99 stores located across the Delhi-NCR region and buy from a huge range of products from across categories. They offer products in categories as varied as Kitchen & Dining, Health & Beauty, Toys & Games, Food & Beverage, Stationery, Home Accessories, Gifts & Decor, Bathroom, Ready to Wear and much more.

  2. A heaven for shop-hoppers and discount-hunters!
    No more shop-hopping. No need to look elsewhere for big discounts. Visit a SUPER99 store near you and find products at heavy discounts. Prices are so unbelievably low that might not believe at first! That’s why not only would you love shopping there but also crave to visit over and again! At a SUPER99 store, you will get what you’re shown, and above all, you need to pay only after having the real satisfaction about the bargain!

  3. 100% satisfaction with shopping!
    Don’t buy before you are sure about the product. Don’t let online shops or web stores fool you through fake imagery or offers. Rather, pay only after you are sure about the product and its quality. Never waste your money on products or items that are either costly or worth not adding any value at all. At a SUPER99 store, you are delivered with 100% satisfaction. So, don’t miss the chance and get the best and most out of retail shopping!