#SmarthomeRevolution with Flipkart


Hello lovely ladies! How are you doing?

Ok am not gender biased but in this blog post am only addressing to my females friends as we got the burden of our family. We are the one with the responsibility of home to home members. With those high heels, we are supposed to be most powerful and energetic. Females have to multitask and good in managing its home maintenance to its members health.

But with evolution of technology we need to become smart. Its not we are not smart but now for many task we have only little time. Our presence on social media is as necessary as our presence in home. We cannot waste our time on mudanne tasks when we can simplify them with single click.  This is the period of “Smart home Revolution”.

You must me wondering what am talking about? I have gone nuts or its just the magical lamp that can easy your task. But my dear friends you are very much wrong in this.

What is Smart Home?

Nothing t worry if your kids don’t listen to you. Or you can control your husband but with Google home automation devices you can control your home. Get answers, play songs, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment and control your smart home with just your voice.

Why they are a necessity?

Usage of smart products have change the way world thinks. With #smarthomerevolutionevery home can use smart home solutions to simplify mundane tasks with a click. Now while making your kid sleep you can switch off the lights, control fan. Also while enjoying with friends you change to the music you want.

Smart Lights

What all require to set up?

It’s a child play to set up a smart home. You don’t need anything extra for it. For setting up a Google home you require wifi, a electrical socket and a compatible mobile device.

How to chose the best one?

They are available in various sizes and designs. You have to select the best one for you. For your smart home you can opt for smart lights, smart camera, smart wearables depending on the requirements. Though each device has its unique quality and nothing crosses other functionality.

Where they can be purchased?

You can easily purchase them from flipkart and also be a part of #getfitwithflipkart and #smarthomerevolution campaign run by Flipkart.

So my dear lovely ladies, now instead of spending and wasting time on tasks which brings no appreciations, lets concentrate on more better tasks like being famous on social media.