Shankar’s International Doll Museum, ITO, New Delhi- A place needs updation


Shankar’s International Doll Museum Musical is established by a renowned political cartoonist named K. Shankar Pillai in the year 1965. In the year 1949, Shankar got a doll as a gift in one of the competition. He liked that doll so much and later on decided to establish a doll’s museum where he used to collect the different dolls from all over the world. Today, this museum has more than 6500 different dolls collected from 85 countries. In the year 1957, Shankar has established CBT (children’s’ Book Trust)

Like I have written before, I am not in favor of Mall culture and making kids used to visiting Malls in free time.
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Visiting expensive places or malls for the enjoyment of kids is not only making them dull but also this make them hardly understand the importance of money. There are many places which one can visit in free time, and provides extensive knowledge, fun for kids and also don’t require a hefty amount to be spent. So, this time we planned to visit Doll’s Museum popularly known as Shankar’s International Doll’s Museum Musical at ITO, Delhi. It is just 20 minutes from Laxmi Nagar.
Though I find Doll’s Museum good enough for one time visit it lacks the updation. No, not the updation of dolls. There should be digital TV or I-pad mentioning the more info about dolls or history behind them which helps in engaging more and more kids. Otherwise after seeing few dolls, kids start getting bored or stop relating with them.

Tickets and Timings for Shankar’s International Doll Museum: Its opens from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Monday closed.

Entry fees to Shankar’s International Doll Museum are very reasonable and easily affordable for anyone.
For adults its Rs.15 and Kids its Rs5 only.

How to reach Doll Museum : Best way is through Delhi Metro. ITO station Gate No.4 is just the nearest stop to it. Bus/ Auto and other modes are also easily available and accessible from this location.

Do’s and Don’ts:

If you have small kids especially girls, they no doubt would love to visit this place. It would be more fun if you tell them the story behind dolls and made them understand the geography and other information related to each doll.

Carry a bottle of water, fruits or light snacks for kids.

If the museum uninterest you then also it requires 30 minutes to complete it. So a bit tiring to adults who don’t like it.

Most preferable for kids 2-10 years.

Cameras and clicking pics is not at all allowed.

For more info visit:

There is CBT library and shop, just next door. Its great to see so many kids books under one roof.

Doll’s Museum

Entrance & About K. Shankar Pillai

CBT Shop

with all the hassle, I am able to shot a small video, which may give you the little idea how it is about.

Doll’s Museum is one of the best option for kids during vacations and holidays. Dolls have been categorically arranged with respect to their locations. Better would be if there is some more info about the dolls which engage kids more rather than making more.

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  1. Having stayed in Delhi for more than two years (2007-2009), I never came to know of it, else I would have definitely visited there with my kids. Anyway, will try to do so whenever the opportunity strikes. Hearty thanks for this immensely useful piece of information.

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