ryde by Ibibo- app

Recently Amit has to go to Jaipur for some urgent work. From one of our relative we get to know about a car sharing mobile application called @rydebyibibo. There we booked ride from CP to Jaipur for Rs.99/ per person. Its key features:

downloadjnk ryde by Ibibo- app
  •  You can choose from number options the ride from your destination to the place you want to reach.
  • Also can select the driver, the passengers, the seat, timings and the cost per ride.
  • Can pay through debit/ credit card.
  • Get all the information about the driver, his mobile number, passengers reviews and others.
  • Get a confirmation message/ mail for the ride that you have booked.


Comfortable cars and very cost effective.
Drivers are professional drivers
Time taken to let you reach you destination will be approximately right.
Unlike UP autos, they only carried only 4 passengers in an Innova.


Available only for few destinations. Like, ride was available from CP only so Amit has to travel all way from Ghaziabad to CP to take that ride.
Timings at time wont suit you.
Return Rides are hardly available at reasonable prices.
Charges for each passenger & different dates may vary.



I couldnot find any loophole as my husband reach Jaipur on time and felt very comfortable;e as only 5 person including driver traveled in an Innova @Rs. 99 only. Would like to know your opinions and about other car pooling applications, if you have used any.

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