Reason why should book/plan your vacations online.

When I was in 6th Standard, our family went to Nanital for vacations. Papa has chosen Nanital as it was the nearest hill station and with four kids it seem to be manageable. I still remember when we reached there it was dark and started raining heavily. Hotels, we find were already booked or preoccupied. Due to unavailability of hotels and proper knowledge about the place, we had to spend our night in car only. Thank God now we ca book/plan our vacations online and can also have a idea about the place we are going to visit.

1. Huge discounts/ offer- There are many online portals which are providing huge discounts/off and cash backs which are otherwise cannot be attained.

2. Complete Knowledge– Through various online mediums you can not only check where to stay, what to eat but also what should be the actual cost of that particular experience. You can bargain and negotiate well, if you know the real or the actual cost incurred to other travelers. You can even read reviews, find out what is necessary and should be done and can side track other which are not important.

3. Easy accessibility and available all time– Online details can be read anytime and anywhere. Moreover, your online bookings can be easily accessible on smartphones and can be cancelled if not find suitable.

4. Can plan within budget– Once you set your budget for the vacations, then with the help of various sites you can plan accordingly. Suppose your budget is low, you can plan your travelling by bus instead of flights. You can go for budget hotels, instead of 5 star or other share stays depending on the budget that you have set for the vacations.

5. No extra cost/ good customer service.- Once you have planned online, you are relaxed as information is handy and accessible all the time. if somehow you are going to have delayed check-ins you can directly contact to your hotel manager and can change the same. Any change in plans can also be done without much hassle. You get a hotline number where you can call at any point when in confusion.

I always prefer to book online whether hotels or flights as get huge discounts and good customer service