Reason for baby being cranky- Congestion in Nose.


Being a mother is the most difficult task. It brings a lot many challenges which are at times, not easy to comprehend. The most difficult part is when infants really can’t tell what is the problem and become cranky. This is what happened with my little one too. Last week he becomes super cranky.

Though I was aware of his stuffed nose, I took it lightly. That night was like a hell for me. The nasal congestion has doesn’t allow him to sleep peacefully. In the morning, not only he but I was also sleep deprived and was feeling drowsy. Moreover, because of this, I was unable to do my home task efficiently and also didn’t able to go to the office.

Yashu was extremely cranky, because of the discomfort caused by the nasal congestion. He was finding it difficult to eat anything and hence avoiding the food. Hence the first thing I did in the morning was to take him to my pediatric for the consultation. He suggested that I use Nasivion nasal drops. These help to decongest the nose and bring much-needed relief to the baby.

It comes in different strengths (0.025% & 0.05%) depending on the baby’s age. The doc prescribed him the 0.025% one. After using >Nasivion, I immediately noticed that his breathing was not labored like before. He became significantly calm and was able to feed well and thus sleep well.

Moreover, Paed suggested children between the age group of 0 – 1-year-olds are obligatory nose breathers. When they suffer from Nasal congestion, they have difficulty and breathing. He said it is not a problem to be overlooked. Nasal congestion in some serious cases hinders mental and physical growth.

He said There are several causes for nasal congestion. Extremely dry air and allergy are the two main causes. When this happens, the baby develops a stuffy nose. This makes breathing through the nose harder. So, they rely on breathing with their mouth.

The worst part is little don’t even know how to sniff or blow their nose to clear the discomfort. Further Doctor recommended, to wipe off this sticky mess with a wet cotton swab. Though cleaning the mucus is a kind of task but can be easily done, especially without hurting the tiny tots with the help of cotton swab dipped in warm water.

The suggestion of the doctor has pretty helped me in managing my LO well and also let him sleep peacefully. No doubt, a mother can only be happy when her infant is happy and can only sleep well when her LO is sleeping well.

consult your pediatrician before using the product.