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Recently Mother Sparsh has introduced premium 99% water based baby wipes. This new variant of Mother Sparsh water wipes is far better than the wipes available in the market. They have been designed especially for the babies and their sensitive skin.

Being a mother is not an easy task. Also, it is not something which can be understood by books. it is an experience which can be gained with time and by being one of it.

I am a mother of two kids, they are the prime importance to me. While selecting any item for them I try to be very cautious. I usually select one which is medically approved and soft on their skin. That’s Why Mother Sparsh is one of my recommended brands.

Reason why I chose Mother Sparsh new premium 99% water wipes over ther available wipes in the market are as follows:

  1. They are unscented and made up of medical grade fabric.
  2. They are three times thicker and are available with moisture lock plastic lid
  3. . They are made up of plant pulp and are unscented.
  4. They are best for sensitive skin and gentle skin.
  5. They are 100% biodegradable. These baby wipes are polyester and alcohol free and also highly absorbent.

Introducing the all new Mother Sparsh 99% extra gentle water wipes. These wet wipes have been specially designed for the extra-sensitive skin of your neonate baby. Give your baby the gift of these safe wet wipes which are free from parabens, alcohol, sulphates, fragrances and all other harmful chemicals that may not be the most suited for your baby’s skin.

Mother Sparsh gentle wipes contain natural plant fabric and 99% pure water. The fabric used in Mother Sparsh baby wipes is thrice as thick as any other brand’s wet wipes. Also being biodegradable, once you are done using a wipe, just discards them without any worry. They decompose easily.

These wet wipes are free from many harmful chemicals that may be found otherwise in several brands. These wet wipes are not artificially perfumed and carry no chance of causing irritation to the baby’s delicate skin. These wipes are purely centered on the comfort of your baby.

The new water wipes are the premium version of Mother Sparsh wipes and is strongly recommended by me for any mom. Their product is no doubt the best for your little ones’ skin. The best part is they are the super thick water wipes and best for the kiddo’s skin.

These gentle wipes are easily portable as they come in an airtight plastic lid and a resealable sticker which makes sure that the moisture is locked inside the box well. It’s unique packing makes sure that the wipes don’t come in contact with any harmful bacteria, germs or dirt. It’s plant extracted fabric makes the wipe very soft and thick and thus highly absorbent and also non-allergic. These hypoallergenic wipes are dermatologically tested. You can use them to wipe your baby’s hand, face and body.

Moreover, the wipes are very economical as the pack is available in just Rs. 299/- for 72 wipes, also they are easily available on portals like on Amazon, Firstcry and Flipkart.

So, do try the Mother Sparsh Wet Wipes and decide for yourself. It’s an incredibly safe option for your cutie pie.

Mother Sparsh Premium 99% water based wipes


  1. I too use Mother Sparsh wipes for my son..specially because they are water based and very soft on my child’s skin..I always keep a pack in my purse whereever I go


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