Parashar Lake Trek- Trekking in Himachal Pradesh- Trek Made me cry


Love Trekking and don’t know where to go?? One of my best treks so far is Parashar Lake, Manali, a must try!!

“I don’t think I can ever again be able to meet my parents. All because of you. Now I think all jokes about husband throwing or pushing their wives from the mountain are real” I started crying. It was my first trekking trip after marriage and hours of trekking, in a damn cold weather, hungry and clueless seriously made me cry.

In 2012, we planned for Prashar while coming back from Manali. Amit, as usual, wants to explore some new places or where only fewer people visits. From internet and other sources, he gathered the info about Prashar, which is no doubt fascinating and so we decided on its trekking. But somehow misguided by the lesser information, we took a wrong trek road, started a 7KM long trek without any idea or guide. But it seems God himself came for our help and we finally reached to one of the beautiful places on earth.

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Why is Parashar lake Famous?

Prashar lake is famous for the floating Island whose depth has not been determined, Even a 30m tall cedar tree disappear in this lake. It has a three floored ancient pagoda temple which is unique in its style. As per mythology, this lake is formed by Pandavas during Mahabharata. Due to critical conditions, only a few tourists try to explore this place. But believe me because of its aloofness and scenic beauty it is not lesser than Kashmir.

Though while coming back we took the help of localities yet missed the real path (since navigation was not invented until that time :P) but finally tried, we reached Baggi village.

important note:
Don’t ever believe any localite in mountains if they say the location is nearby, it means at least half an hour way.

Location: It is 45 KM from Mandi + 5KMs from Baggi village. Baggi village is the last point where you can get anything to eat and start point to trek to Prashar. It’s a small village and if you want you can keep your extra luggage with any of the shopkeepers, don’t worry it will remain untouched until the time you come back.

Best time to visit: December to March due to heavy snow, this place remain closed. The best time to visit is rest of the year, during winters you will witness a beautiful valley covered with snow and if lucky snowfall also. Whereas during summers it gets converted into grasslands with the variety of flowers.

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Must have : If you are planning to visit this place via trek, following things are must-haves:
1. hard cash as there are no atms or may be possible due to storm internet won’t work there.
2. Torch
3. Water bottle
4. bread butter and something ready-to-eat.
5. an extra pair of socks and gloves if visiting during winters.
6. Camera- to capture the beautiful moments.

Accommodation : Accommodation near Prashar Lake is fairly limited since the area surrounding it is either owned by the temple trust or by the government.

  1. Forest Rest House: Forest department has 2 guest houses located a little over a kilometer from the lake, and has 6 rooms available for tourists. For booking, you can contact DFO Mandi at 01905-23536 and contact the caretaker, Mr. Roop Singh at +91– 9418411746.
  2. PWD Rest House: PWD Rest House too is located a kilometer from the lake and can be booked by contacting Executive Engineer, Padhar at 01905-222151. for Details about PWD Guest House visit Here
  3. Temple Guest House: There are rooms and dormitories available at the temple, which can be availed for a minimum fee. These are bare basic in nature and you should be aware of religious sensitivities while availing them.

Food: Don’t expect much options. Also, it would be advisable to stick to the local food instead of trying something new or different.

Other Instructions : So if you are planning to trek this place it is advisable to hire the guide or ask localite for the assistance.
Also prepare yourself mentally and physically for the trek.
Better to go without kids as they won’t enjoy much at this place.

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The photos I have uploaded are not photoshopped. I have tried In cases to capture all the points which are helpful in making your trek to this place worth memorable. Incase need any further help or query, do write to me at or in comment section below.

Baggi Village- The starting/end of Prashar Trek point

enroute to Prashar

The route we choose and tired we.

Finally we reached

another couple with passion to trek

Finally back to Baggi village


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