Palm Oil Gourmet Delight Event by MPOC


Recently The Malaysian Palm Oil Council has arranged a Palm Oil Gourmet Delight Event at Ardor 2.1 in Cannaught Palace, New Delhi. More than 50 bloggers were called at this very huge event.

The several activities like food tasting session, food hunt, and a healthy lunch were arranged for the bloggers and other people from media fraternity. The event started with a comprehensive information session by Dr . Bhawna Shah, the Country Representative-India and Srilanka of #MPOC, about the Palm oil which is mostly produced in Indonesia and Malaysia along with Thailand, Columbia, and Nigeria. She talked about the various health benefits of using palm oil which is very commonly used in many food items like biscuits, chocolates, ice-cream, or peanut butter.

The activities were divided into two 1. Food Hunt and 2. Blind food tatsing session followed by buffet lunch at Ardor 2.1. In food hunt activity bloggers were divided into grouo of six andd given clue placards to search the various destinations.

The Pandey Paan that offered us paan with palm oil used in preparation, My Bar Headquarters where we participated in salad making activity using palm oil for dressing, which was judged by Dr.Bhawna and Punjabi By Nature where we filled up a questionnaire based on the presentation related to Palm oil we had witnessed earlier.

Then we reach our starting points means Ardor 2.1 and quite amazed to see many participants already started with Blind food tasting session. In this activity, we were offered a gravy and asked to jot down the ingredients of the dish, no doubt palm oil was the main ingredient of it.

Palmolien oil or palm oil is much less talked about as opposed to olive oil even though studies have shown that Olive oil and Palmolein oil are equally beneficial against coronary heart disease risk. The major difference is that Palmolein oil is far more affordable than olive oil. It is essential to educate people about the benefits of Palmolein oil similar to olive oil.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council has undertaken the task to make people aware of this type of oil and it’s used along with its affordability so that consumers can make educated choices while browsing through the oil aisle at supermarkets. Malaysian Red Palm Oil is considered a superfood as it is produced through a special refining technology that retains High-Pro Vitamin A Carotenoids and antioxidants Vitamin E Tocotrienols.

Also Malaysian Palm Oil is free of Trans fats, cholesterol and it contains natural Vitamin E. Not only cooking but Palm-based ingredients are already a part of your body care, skincare moisturisers and are also a part of emollients, surfactants and emulsifiers. More than 3 billion people are currently consuming Malaysian Palm Oil. Malaysian Palm Oil comes from the fruitlets of the Palm Oil Tree. The Palm Oil industry is huge and provides several career choices as it’s refining processes run on various levels and is a complex and challenging task. There are several courses available in Malaysia that prepare you for this industry. It’s a sustainable and eco-friendly extraction and refining process. 

Palm oil is processed carefully. First, the fresh fruit bunches are pulled out of trees and transported to the palm oil mill. It is then sterilized by transferring the bunches into metal cages and pumped with horizontal sterilizers. This is done to neutralize enzymes and soften the fruits. After being taken out of the sterilizers the fruit bunches are places into the thresher. The thresher separates the oil plan fruit from the bunch.

They then go through the process called digestion where the segregated fruit is heated and the exocarp is digested in the digester. Mesocarp is separated from the endocarp and kernel. Post this the mesocarp is pressed to release crude palm oil in the extraction or pressing machine. The next step is the clarification and purification of the crude oil where essentially the insoluble content is removed. After this comes to refining and fractionation. Here CPO or the Crude Palmolein oil is refined to form bleached and deodorized oil. Fractionation separates olein from the soled part (stearin). This process is pure and transparent and excessive care is taken to complete each step meticulously. 

Palm Oil started to make Malaysia its home on a large scale in the 1960’s. It all started when the Malaysian Government introduced a land cultivation scheme for the purpose of planting oil palm trees.

The objective of this scheme was to eradicate poverty and raise the standard of living of the rural Malaysian population.

Presently, palm oil trees grow and flourish in palm oil plantations which are to be found throughout Malaysia.

Olive oil is touted as the gold standard among all edible oils today; a reputation that has been gained primarily from its association of a lower incidence of heart disease among the Mediterranean populations but Palmolein oil is just as beneficial but enough awareness has not been spread which needs to change so that people understand that Palm oil can prove to be an affordable alternative. 

Disclaimer: The content posted here is for informational purpose only and we do not take any responsibility whatsoever in case of any difference in opinions.


  1. Never knew about so many good properties of Palm Oil. Reading your blog was enlightening. There should be more such fun events to raise awareness about palm oil.

  2. Seems like this was a wonderful event..I missed it..never knew Palm oil has so many health benefits…will include this in my cooking from now on


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