letter to Mayor(Ghaziabad) about deplorable condition of our colony due to Nagar Nigam

Dear Mayor Sahaab, I am writing this letter on behalf of the residents of Krishna enclave, west Model Town, Ghaziabad. Since last two months we are suffering from the deplorable conditions of the roads and the infrastructure in our colony. Infrastructure plays a very vital role in the development of a nation but we the residents […]


Lansdowne- nearest hill station to Ghaziabad.

Vacations times means kids have to go somewhere, which is unseen. Though we went in Feb only so were not very keen to go long distance.Therefore we decided to go to Lansdowne. It is the nott very popular hill station among people. The main reason being, there is no proper mall road where you can […]


Living in ghaziabad

I have been born and bought up in Delhi. I have spent almost initial 25 years of my life in Delhi, then married and settled in Ghaziabad. Before coming here, I have only heard in newspapers or most movies like Gangajal, Zila Ghaziabad that is not a good place to live at. Yes!! you are […]


The Delhi Canteen- review

I don’t know about other but if I am going out for dinner on Sunday evening, I will never prefer an empty restaurants. Daily we eat alone but when if we are going out, I want to see crowd, females nicely dressed, may be not too many but at least some. So when I entered, […]


ryde by Ibibo- app

Recently Amit has to go to Jaipur for some urgent work. From one of our relative we get to know about a car sharing mobile application called @rydebyibibo. There we booked ride from CP to Jaipur for Rs.99/ per person. Its key features:  You can choose from number options the ride from your destination to […]