Options for weekends in Delhi/NCR

Delhi/NCR has number of Malls where you can visit and enjoy your weekends but Honestly speaking am bit tired of visiting Malls, window shopping, eating McD’s burger and making myself tired running after kids who wants to explore each and every swing. No matter how much you try to be reasonable or stingy, 1000s of Rupees will be spent on every single visit.

Therefore am mentioning few of my favourite destinations in Delhi/NCR, which can be enjoyed by adults and kids and are cost effective as well.

1. Kingdom of Dreams– Its an air conditioned “indoor street of India” spread over 100000 sq feet under a fabulous sky dome. Its a kind of mini Trade fair, with quality of people and secure space where kids can have fun and enjoy. There is an artificial beach where kids can make sand castles and you can have unlimited selfies.  You can have yummy food, shopping, dance and can see various events as well. Also 90%of the ticket fee can be redeemed as shopping voucher or can be availed for food.

Timings &Fees : Weekdays(Tues-Friday)  12.30PM-12am; Monday Closed
                             Fees : Rs.599
                            Weekends (Sat-Sun)        12:30PM-12am
                             Fees: Rs.699

Entry for kids below 4ft is free.

2. India Gate followed with Pandara Road: Whether in group or travelling solo, this place gives you a nationalism spirit. You can try here unlimited options like Chuski, bhelpuri, channa, and many others. Even kids love this place as here they get toys, swings, balls/ balloons to play. Also if feeling hungry you can try out restaurants at Pandara Roads like Gulati/ Veg Gulati.

Timings &Fees : The best part, no entry fee, no Timings

3. Isckon Temple: Its in Greater Kailash part-2. It looks awesome at evening with fountains and colourful lights. They also have a museum and food joints, library and many other activities to offer. Actually kids love to be here as they get to see a totally different atmosphere with lots of cleanliness and chanting of “Hare Krishna” which is unlike other Hindu temples.

Timings &Fees : All Days (Monday-Sunday)  4:30AM-9:00PM
No fees
Special programs on Sunday Morning.

4. Akshardham Temple: One of the best example of finest architecture and very accessible for people across Delhi. It has Abhishek Mandap, Exhibitions, Water shows, Thematic Gardens. Its one time visit for every Indian. Also make sure, you are not carrying any valuables or camera or mobile phones while visiting this temple as no gadgets are allowed in its premises and that is also the best thing about it.

Timings &Fees : (Tuesday to Sunday ) 9:30AM-8:00PM
                              Monday closed

For more details request you to check here as they have different fees and timings for different activities. 

5. Parks: No am not taking about the amusement park. I prescribe you to cook something and take it with you so that kids can enjoy a family picnic. Also if convenient keep football or badminton for kids to play. Children’s Park/ Kalindi Kunj/ IP Park we have lots many parks and options where we can visit and believe me, kids will enjoy more than any Mall or expensive dinners.

Timings &Fees : All Days, usually Parks don’t have any entrance fees or very negligible one for the maintenance. Also timings differ with respect to the park you are visiting & the season.

 I know, the places I have mentioned may be look odd to many peoples. No, am not stingy but enough of Mall culture and making kids a robot. Let them also enjoy the real environment and the childhood that we had, playing with kids outside home, waiting for power to go so that can play hide and seek., antakshari and freedom from school homework.

There are many options too and would love to hear your comments about it.

Keep reading and commenting.

*Pic courtesy: Google