My Fitness Journey

So who don’t know me, I am a mommy of two small kids and a job consultant turned travel, fitness & food blogger. Travel is my hobby and blogging is my passion. I love to travel and have an aim of travel almost every country in World (Fingers crossed). But until you are not fit, you won’t feel like travelling or spending time outside.

Ab initio, I was around 82KGs in Jan 2016 and now 60KG, 100-200gms keep on swinging, means here and there but it’s almost 6 months that am maintaining my same weight. I still remember, Jan 8th, 2016, I went for shopping with my Sister. Since It was more than one year that I really shopped anything because of my pregnancy, I thought of purchasing a pair of Jeans for myself. Totally ignorant about my body and the weight gain. I asked the shopkeeper for a 32″ waist size jeans, He looked sarcastically and asked me to try much bigger size. I was apprehended, realizing it he handed me the pair with 34″ waist. To my shock it was very small for me, I asked my sister to bring one bigger size, and a fully stretch one.

She got 36″ waist size jeans, I tried it, It was somewhat better than previous one but still I was not able to tuck the button and feeling breathless. But adamant, I asked for a bigger size. The salesman told me that there is no bigger size in ladies and will have to try men’s denim otherwise. I was about to cry. I was looking so huge in the mirrors of try room, and it seems as if some baby elephant is trying to get fit into a jeans. This incident was an eye opener to me.

Before this incident I was taking myself as a Mommy who has every right to be fat and look disk-shaped. Somewhere inside my heart I knew I am fat but was unable to take it. Next day, I ate a lot, everything that I love to eat. But I have decided to get at least back into the shape of my pre pregnancy. Promised myself to try hard & loose.

Soon I will sharing my Fat to fit tips with you and believe me you can also lose weight without hitting gym or doing rigorous workout like me. Just few changes in you day-to-day lifestyle and you can lose at least few kilo.

If you seriously want to work hard and be a member of Fat to Fit group just follow me here or on twitter.

Please have a look at my before n now pics.

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My daily schedule

dsc_0720-199x300 My Fitness Journey

dsc_0720-199x300 My Fitness Journey

Me as baby elephant

dsc_0720-199x300 My Fitness Journey

Changed me after 8 months of hard work. So if you too want to know the secrets, folliw my page and do wqrite to me in case of any query or help.

A Ghumakkad (wanderer) Mommy, who loves traveling, eating good food and be healthy. This blog is about my journey from fat to fit (86KGs to 60KGs), first time traveling solo to traveling with family, Enjoying like local to luxury hotels, eating at five star to street food. If it interests you or want to know more about me- shoot a mail to

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  1. Dear Sapna, please advise me how to reduce weight, I am unable to conceive due to my weight so please help me

    1. Hi Kanika..Ok will help you out.I too was not able to conceive for three years after my marriage..also there are herbs which can help in conceiving you can also try them out..

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