My Daily Schedule- Diet Plan 1 for weightloss



Let’s move ahead for our Fat to fit program.

To be very honest, I tried two types of diet plans to lose weight and in both case, I got success. Lets start with my first diet plan, where instead of starving myself, I started eating less and good food.

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Here is my daily schedule:

6:15AM- Good MOrning
6:45AM- head for Park.
Park is about 10 minutes away from our home.
I take near about 6-8 rounds in park which is about 220mtrs long. So 6*220mts. and 2 rounds running. I started with half round and now increase it to 2. And after that little bit of stretching n relaxing n I come back home.

Since I am still feeding my 18 months old LO, I get extra pangs of starvation and could not keep myself away from food for most of the time.

My Breakfast composed of below mentioned items at proper intervals.

I take soaked chia/Hem seeds. For full details read my post here
Than Amla Powder and jaggery.
A glass of Lassi- sweet/salty depends on my mood.
A chapati with sabzi. or a vegetable sandwich.
Green Tea – Soon upload my recipe for green tea which is sweet/salty and tasty.

I take two-three chapatis/Sabzi/Dahi or whatever is there in lunch. I eat full stomach and at times love to have Rasgulla or samosa in lunch. (forget to tell you, I am too fond of Samosas).


Half bowl puffed rice/ two biscuits with Half cup tea. Try reducing the quantity but don’t think to skip them at all.


vegetable soup with daliya/ one chapati with little bit of sabzi

We daily make daliya and everyone in our home is fond of eating it. I take only one bowl daliya and that too without ghee.

Before going to bed I take Hot water with Kali jeeri powder.

In case, you still feel, I was eating less or starved myself, than will suggest you to opt for healthy food like soups, green tea and others.

Do let me know, if you feel some changes after opting for the above diet plan. Next plan will share by the end of March. It is kind of moving to next level and will surely benefit you in long run.


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