Last few hours were the most difficult of my life. Continuously staring at mobile screen and waiting for the clock to hit 7 was like waiting since a decade. Finally, my mobile rang and unexpectedly it was my Ma. She was doing Facebook video update from her flight to Ireland. At first I am quite amazed but very happy also. She was sounding cheerful and seems she is enjoying her first flight to the utmost. She thanked me for choosing Lufthansa– the best airlines for her.

One of the main reason for me for choosing Lufthansa over any other international airline was the onboard availability of internet. Though was not certain about this feature but yes obviously it is a plus point. Thirteen hours long flight and most importantly no communication in between could be killing for me. But with Lufthansa you can have a quick chat with your Facebook friends, answer important emails or text your exact arrival time to your family. With Lufthansa FlyNet® your communication options on long-haul routes are simply limitless.

She reached Ireland around 1:00 in the evening and then called me to discuss the experience of her first air journey and believe me she was sounding very happy. She told me how at first she was scared and was confused as how she will be able to manage as she hardly knows how to speak English other than word “Thankyou”. Also a 13 hours long flight is another issue which was bothering her. As being a purely veg and the one who don’t know to operate any other machine except her sewing machine she was clueless about the flight and other operations. But with Lufthansa everything seemed to be so easy and Desi. Hearing her cheerful voice and the praises of the flight, I was quite happy and relaxed.

It was for the first time my Ma had travelled alone and that too abroad. To be honest, more than her I was scared. So after researching with family, friends and social media I decided to prefer Lufthansa airlines for her (more Indian than you think) and was happy that it worked for my saree clad Ma.

Ma continued how she was escorted by the floor guy of Lufthansa to the flight in case she may face any problem. The flight attendant at the gate was an Indian and greeted her with folded hands and saying “Namaste” which she never thought will be there on any international flight. She was comforted by seeing almost all the staff as Indian and conversing in Hindi with her.

She tasted the first ever yummiest of all vegetarian Biryani and dal on flight

She further continued and told me that all her apprehensions that may she has to be hungry for long 13 HRS were proved wrong. She tasted the first ever yummiest of all vegetarian Biryani and dal on flight. She was very happy with the way flight attendant took care of her. She was calling her aunty and also hold her hand when she was not feeling well during flights. She also helped her with her favourite movie, which made her enjoy the flight more.

She even thanked me to choose a flight which is more Indian that she could ever think of

Continuing she told me, when everyone else was sleepy and she couldn’t manage to sleep due to different environment, one of the flight attendant tried to comfort her by holding her hand. She also helped her with the sheet and pillow once she started feeling sleepy. She was full of praises about the flight and the services. She was full of gratitude to the flight attendants who were very amiable to her and showed best of hostility. She even thanked me to choose a flight which is more Indian that she could ever think of, saying indeed it was the best one. She loved it so much that asked me to book the flight with same airline for her return also.

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