Mini Amarnath (Anjani Mahadev, Manali)- simple trek place for newbie.


Do you also want to try trekking trip?? than this post may be of your interest. ANjani Mahadev is simplest trek and must try for any newbie.

Our Himachal trip was a full seven-day trip. For three consecutive days we travelled to Solang Valley, the major tourist attraction of Manali. Anjani Mahadev is a place which we have not planned but truly awestruck by its beauty during winters. Since there was no signboards or mostly were washed away by snowfall, we were unable to find the fixed path for three days. Every day we try for it but after walking few meters (due to storm or very fewer visitors), we get scared and turned away but finally after following footsteps and electricity poles we were able to visit this beautiful place.

I don’t claim it to be beautiful during other seasons as well, as otherwise Manali is filled with horse poo here and there :P. This is the place which seems to be less visited as newly weds hardly want to take risks and get lesser time from their “Shona or Babu” while people with kids don’t prefer to for trekking to such places. But as usual Amit was keen to visit & explore this place. I used to joke that he doesn’t want me to go back home.

Anjani Mahadev, a pilgrimage dedicated to lord Shiva. Icy Shiva Lingam forms from October to March. This manifestation of Shiva is attributed to the penance of Anjani, Mother of Hanuman (the monkey-god of Hindu mythology) who was conceived here. It is holy place is surrounded by the rocky cliffs and a waterfall flowing down through rocks. In the winter season this fall forms a huge shivling because of the freezing temperature. The locals and visitors come and see the beautiful formation of the nature. In summer this formation melts and fall runs down to a stream below. The location was discovered by Guru Baba Prakash Puri Ji Maharaj after a divine vision. Today a beautiful temple adorns the site and is inhabited by holy hermits (sadhus) that welcome any visitor and are happy to serve refreshments and exchange ideas.

Location: It is about 1.8KM away from Solang valley and 17KMs from Manali. It is otherwise said to be a plain road for trekking and easily accessible only through foot.

Best time to Visit: December to March for awesome snow view, it’s truly magnificent. During winters we here witnessed even 7-8ft high snow mountains.

Accommodation: Cave saints (Sadhus) are very helpful. If you want you can stay with them for night but don’t expect a comfortable bed. They live minimal and that’s the beauty of this place.

Food: The time we reached here it was lunch time and trekking made us super hungry. The Sadhu offered us tea, and apples, knowing that we have not taken anything for lunch he offered us the food as well. At first I was apprehensive and scared to eat it (you know all those Crime patrol stories :p) but trusting Amit’s faith on them, later we enjoyed garam rotis and paneer sabzi.

Other Instructions: This trek is though simple and short but still gives you many reason to appreciate it. The natural Shiv Ling made by waterfall is truly amazing and worth watch. This place gives a believe in God and his nature which is above all. Carry a water bottle and light refreshment, if want to enjoy it fully. Better covered in daytime.

If possible get a stick from the localite, it will made your trekking easy and somewhat fearless as you can evaluate which area is safe to move on.

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on way to Anjani Mahadev, beautiful nature and posses.

Finally reached, the entrance of the cave..

Icy Shivlingam

The Aashram, Sadhu and Guru Baba Prakash Puri ji