Menstrual Periods !! When, What and how? A complete guide


Moistness between legs, pain in stomach and she was feeling tired, Rajni, 12 years doesn’t know what is happening to her but all these symptoms, no doubt were directing towards some big medical illness. As soon as she reached home, she fell on her bed, though not able sleep but was not able to stand even. Till now her thighs also started pain and she finds some blood spots on her white school skirt. Definitely!! it is cancer. Have heard mom saying it is a serious medical problem.

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Red is the color of power and courage, but for women, it is often related to weak, painful days. Like Rajni, 80% of females In India are not being educated about menstrual. It is a hushed topic mostly treated like porn. This lack of education and knowledge about menstrual in girls is very common not only in rural but also in Urban India.

So in this blog post, we will discuss the complete guide to Menstrual/ periods/ painful days. Also will give some solutions to make their effect less mild. Let’s start!!

What is Menstrual Periods?

In simple words, when a woman body starts preparing for the pregnancy it is called menstruation/periods. It generally starts between the age of 8to 15 in girls. It is a stage when a girl turned into womanhood. Menstrual periods usually stay up to the age of 45-55 years.

When getting menstrual periods

Different girls get menstrual at the different age but it is believed the later it is the better it is. Furthermore, it is believed that girls stop growing taller after 2years of menstrual. The ideal age of getting periods is 12-15 years but nowadays due to pollution and various contaminated foods, junk foods, girls are getting it at an early age as 8 years.

Changes in the body before, during and after periods.

Females face a lot of changes in their mental and physical conditions before, during and after the periods.
Before having periods many girls usually get pimples, mood swings, backache, nauseatic and start feeling tired. These symptoms start occurring before the one week of periods.
During periods not only woman bleed but there are many hormonal changes that occur. The common effects of menstruation and PMS, like cramps, sore breasts, headaches, and acne outbreaks.
Those who have high flow during menstrual suffers from anemia, or less strength after the menstrual cycle is over.

Myths related to periods

Menstrual periods is still a taboo in India. it is a less talked subject. Thanks to few initiative and movies like Padman, more and more people are getting aware about them. There are many myths related to periods which are believed and even processed.

a. It’s dirty and impure: Culturally in many parts of India, menstrual is considered to be impure and dirty. Because of this belief females during menstruation are not allowed to holy places. Furthermore, in some households, cooking is not allowed to the female during periods.
It’s not am saying its wrong, as may be due to this belief woman get to have more rest during these painful days. But frankly, it’s not about being dirty or unhygienic.

b. Sour foods affect menstruation: Mangoes, curds, pickles are being restricted during menstruation days. it is believed that sour food affects the flow during menstruation is not at all correct. The sour food has nothing to do with your flow during menstruation.

c. The more flow, the more purification: It is wrong to say that heavy flow is good for health. The flow of blood totally varies from female to female. Its quantity has nothing to with the purification. A woman who bleeds normally for three days is as healthy as one who is less bleeding for 7 days.

d. Exercise during menstrual: Usually, Girls believe that doing exercise/physical activity during menses aggravate the dysmenorrhea while in real exercise can help relieve the menstruating women with symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea and relieve bloating. Exercise also causes a release of serotonin, making one feel much happier.

Precautions during period

Cleanliness is the first and foremost priority during menstrual periods. Change the pads after every 4-5 hours, depending on the intensity of the flow.

Refrain from sexual intercourse. Though most of the females feel horny during these days but it is better to avoid any sexual intercourse during menstrual periods.

Rest well and eat well is the mantra to be happy and active during those painful days.

Exercise within limits.

Ayurveda and Menstrual

There are many herbs which can make the effect of menstrual less severe. Cramps, tiredness and other monthly effects can be lessened with the use of herbs like Ashwagandha, Vidharikand, and dashmularisht.

All the views above are based on my personal experiences and research. They don’t define any specific person or situation. DM me if you have more queries or want to contribute anything to this article.