Marriage at Pride Plaza, Aerocity, Delhi


What is the very first thing comes to your mind, when it is a five starred wedding program. For me its awesome location but have to came hungry as and most of the time food is presentable but somewhere chef forget to add flavors to it. But a recent wedding at Pride Plaza, Aerocity has changed my views. The hotel, staff and especially the food was awesome and delectable. Our two nights and three days stay over this starred property was a kind of memory. Thanks to Housekeeping staff like Amit Mishra, Khushboo, and management staff- Sumit and Kritika Chandna.

But still there are the lot of flaws, when it comes to wedding ceremony at a starred property. Now a days, there is the trend of arranging big fat Indian wedding at starred hotels. People from both groom and bride side do get settled in hotel a day or two before the D-day and enjoys the customs and rituals together. Though it have been seen as something with various benefits but there are many flaws too.

  1. No crowd please: Since each plate and each guest is countable, most of the time you want less of the people to come as compared to what you have invited. “Chachi ki beti to nahi aa rahi na”, “Oh my God!! that uncle came with aunt and two kids”..

  2. Food Limitation: You want to prevent those hungry guests who came at irregular timings. Like our check in timings was 3:00 PM in the noon and we don’t want even any far off guest to come hungry. Also have to make sure that no one missed out those complimentary breakfast, lunch and high tea.

  3. Room keys: Oh Gosh!! Kind of bad dream, people forget their room keys, don’t know how to operate them, got door locked or room key got deactivated as was kept with mobile or other keys and several other reasons made it a hell for us. Numerous times we have to go up and down to get rooms unlocked.

  4. Missed fun of customs: Calling each guest and making them participate in each custom becomes difficult as some were having fun at swimming pool, other wanted to explore each and every corner of hotel, many were clueless, where to go and most were busy in sleeping in their comfortable beds.

  5. In case you forget something: if somehow you forget anything at home, than chances are great you have to use its substitute or manage without it only. Like we forget mustard oil used for “Haldi custom” and finally had to manage through hair oil only. For Sugar have to wait for half an hour and lastly, ask the Pandit to go without it as staff could get us some mouth refreshing sugar sachets only.

Though Flaws but special thanks to Pride Plaza hotel who was I get to know for the first time arranging such a big event and to be honest managed it with good patience and smiles. It made us feel the money we have invested is worth the service quality that they provided us. With few delays in services, everything from scratch to end was properly managed. After all this is a difference between a 5 star and a 3 star hotel which make it stand above the others -QUALITY OF SERVICE.

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  1. This looks like it was a fabulous wedding, despite the flaws. Beautiful photos!

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