Luxury Hotel in Agra l Four Points By Sheraton, Agra


Recently my stay at a Luxury hotel in Agra has changed my perspective. Indeed the quality of services by Four Points by Sheraton, Agra has really impressed me. So how you usually differentiate between a 3-star hotel and 5-star hotel?. For me, the warmth and the cooperation of staff and the steps took by a hotel to make it more environmentally friendly is what all add stars to it.

Last year, when I was in Mumbai I stayed at Grand Sarovar Premiere, Mumbai. It was also a star grade hotel with huge breakfast buffet but the hotel staff was hardly cooperative. While having Breakfast, I inquired one girl about the location where I was supposed to go but she went away saying she is getting some help or information but didn’t turn back. Also, they were hardly bothered whether the customers, like their buffet spread or if any of them really need anything. A solo traveler like me was made more alone and feel secluded whereas, with Four Points, The chef Ankit (a real good-looking chap <3) was individually attending the customers and himself taking the feedback.

He showed a real warm gesture by personally describing the buffet, live foods and what all customers can have. Also helped customers with choosing what to start with. We actually met with him in the evening while taking lift towards our room and it was nice seeing him greeting the customers in the morning as well. Moreover, One of the other staff started playing with my son once he saw he is getting cranky and not letting us eat anything.

Even the front office staff Nitin was very cooperative. I was in Agra for some office work and while coming back from office as Amit already checked into the room with kids. I got late and it was around 8 in the evening. Once I told him, I am damn tired and my mobile battery is exhausted, he asked me to forward the ID proof after getting settled down in my room.

The other services like a hair dryer, steam iron, ironing table, placards for washing of towels and bed sheet, and reusable toiletries impressed me more. Luxury doesn’t mean wastage of resources but it’s about economizing and reusing the resources.

With so many travel apps and good discounts/deals, living in a Luxury hotel is no more confined to High, sophisticated people only. People like me who are typically middle class can also afford to spend a day or two living in luxury hotels. Read: Hilarious habits of Indian Middle class -Staying in a luxury hotel

Recently with Cleartrip app, I booked my stay in Agra for a night. Though it was an official tour a good hotel was much-needed for relaxing after so many hectic working days. After applying deals and others, the hotel cost me about Rs.3300 which was inclusive of complimentary breakfast. Quite satisfied by the quality services Four Points By Sheraton has offered, it is recommended for the family stay. It has made my weekend more fun and comfortable with its luxurious services.

For bookings: Four Points by Sheraton, AGra

Taj Mahal view from the hotel

Rooftop pool, indeed good idea but because of 45 degree, it was like a sauna bath

Buffet breakfast at Four Points.


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Kids enjoying at Hotel.

Other hotel services which impressed me

Other Agra photos