Lunch at Karma Kismet- Its Karma & Kismet all that matters

When it comes food, I am quite choosy about it. I like when it appealing to eyes, treat for tongue and favorable to stomach :P. Recently when I got the invite for #KarmaKismet a newly launched restaurant in posh locality of Greater Kailash Part II, at first I was apprehensive going to such a distance for food but when the invite was from Mohit, there was no reason to reject it.

When your Karma meets your Kismet you get a chance to dine at this restaurant with a beautiful ambiance, innovative dishes, and best services. Based on the religious views of working hard, and doing one’s deeds(karma) in anticipation of a better present and future(kismat), this restaurant has made a very bright future for itself in the market. Having a crew and captain with ITC training, the food reflects their interpretation of progressive Indian cuisine i.e niche, rich, exotic flavors and attitude of fodder from the hotels but with affordable prices for the masses.

So here is my review of the newly opened restaurant which serves authentic Awadhi cuisine. We ordered some ” starters /main course dishes ”

Soup: 1. Tamatar Shorba– A delicious flowy shorba having perfect flavors of tomatoes and cream foam was a treat to have. The shorba had balanced tangy flavors and tasted delicious. The chef has very well experimented with coriander n garlic, three kinds of tomatoes in this shorba.


1. Gulnar Tikka– While most of us already love paneer, this particular dish will force you to adore it even more. The well-prepared paneer tikkas having the stuffing of cream, figs and walnuts are a must have. The paneer tikkas were soft, flavourful and very tasty. the sweet taste of figs was very well going with soft and yummy paneer. Loved its dressing as its served with Green Apples and raw mango

2. Shatavari Tikki: Looks very interesting & presentation white asparagus shapes, payouts and some dry fruits inside and outside for garnish, and finely Coated with papad outside. It was also good and I liked it has crispy asparagus.

3. Malai Broccoli: It was yummy crispy and creamy.

Main course

  1. Dal – It was the yummiest dish. right spices and creamy. It was proved our to be the star of our meal. It was truly flawless. RECOMMENDED.

  2. Paneer saag: I am not too fond of green veggies, so it was ok for me. Moreover, it tastes like a Punjabi cuisine with plenty of garlic.

  3. Vegetable korma: It was really good

  4. Veg Biryani: I have tried Biryani but it was the yummiest so far.

Karma Kismet overall Rating: 4.5/5

Food:- 5/

Service:- 5/5

Ambience:- 5/4.5

Every single dish was well-prepared having balanced flavors.
Dal makhni and veg. Birayani is a must try.