Living in ghaziabad

I have been born and bought up in Delhi. I have spent almost initial 25 years of my life in Delhi, then married and settled in Ghaziabad. Before coming here, I have only heard in newspapers or most movies like Gangajal, Zila Ghaziabad that is not a good place to live at.

Yes!! you are right, movies are a hyped reality and they are just for entertainment and we should not relate them to reality but after being here for seven years, I can say whatever had been shown in movies is about 80% truth. Ghaziabad is still which was Delhi 10 years back. Few kilometers and half an hour of travelling from Delhi can lead to you in to a totally new world which is full of Malls, big MNCs and industries but when it comes to safety, security, humanism, crimes it is more and more advanced.

Long hour power cuts, no means of transportation, crimes and criminals , you will find police taking bribery or torturing the right is what holds the USP of Ghaziabad. If you also feel the same way as I do, or opposes my thought then please share your views..waiting for your comments and advices