Let’s pledge this Women’s day to #Sharetheload


When we talk about shattering the age-old dictum of women staying at home taking care of their family and kids and husbands going out to work we also talk about how it can be done. There are so many little things where this transformation can begin at home itself. A dialogue needs to be initiated through social influencers like TV stars or social media and online platform personalities.

A recent such thought-provoking event that took place in this regard at PVR Saket in Delhi and was experienced by me. The event was arranged by Ariel in collaboration with Blogadda and PVR. On the occasion of Women’s day, few female bloggers were invited with their partner or son to be a part of the special screening of the movie Captain Marvel along with the celebrity family of very famous Ravi Dubey, his wife, and mother.

This event ended up shattering the age-old norm of something seemingly small like it’s a woman’s job to do the laundry at home. A fantastic and fairly famous initiative called #ShareTheLoad started by Ariel has caught the entire nation’s attention. The ads in this campaign elucidate how doing the laundry is not just a woman’s job. Such a small thought with such big repercussions.

In today’s time when men and women both have full-time jobs, doing laundry is not just a woman’s job. This job like many other small household jobs should not be gendered. Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad talks about just that and the fact that they got the TV actor Ravi Dubey to talk about women’s rights both written and unwritten made this experience of attending the event all the more riveting. This interaction was very healthy and sincere and it also is very endearing to watch a man talk about women’s rights.

This interaction was followed by the screening of the movie Captain Marvel in order to celebrate women’s day. The whole experience clubbed with talking about women’s empowerment left me feeling empowered. I was raised in a fairly progressive household where both my parents were working and are doctors and they both shared not just the laundry load but also the small loads of domestic chores. This truly shaped the way I looked at the world. I always thought that I as a woman should get equal opportunities and should have individual choices. 

Have you seen the #ShareTheLoad ad by Ariel? The ad ends with asking a simple question that is laundry only a woman’s job? Executed back in 2015, this campaign by Ariel made it a forerunner when it came to raising the topic of gender quality or rather an inequality. I hope this initiative reaches out far and wide and I hope that people especially men who watch it share their opinions on this thought on social media or talk about it with their friends.

We need to empower our men because who is empowering our men for these empowered women. Such campaigns bring to light the importance of dialogues around empowerments for all genders. Taking a small step of change with mere laundry will hopefully lead on to the bigger questions on equality. It always starts small before it becomes a movement.

“This post is a part of the #ShareTheLoad movement by Ariel in association with BlogAdda”  


  1. Sharing load is very important and it is an indeed powerful step taken by Ariel. The event seems super amazing. Thanks for sharing the bits about it.

  2. That’s truly a great initiative by Ariel and it’s time that both the partner should share the load to balance the life equally and beautifully

  3. I really love this initiative by brand Ariel . No work is gender biased and in today’s life when man and women both are working there is nothing wrong to do house chores together.


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