Kuch Fursat ke Pal- Haridwar/Rishikesh tour


After a hectic tiring weekend I hope almost every one of us feel like going for a relaxing weekend. Since I am a job consultant I usually search out for the options where I can be away from my mobile, internet and laptop. So recently I planned( as from hotel booking to pushing Amit for going, every effort is made by me only :P) for a weekend at #haridwar & #Rishikesh. It was family trip and much enjoyed because of monsoon and our stay at explore Himalaya resort. By the way if you are too finding a reason to visit Haridwar here are few:

Better & economical than any waterpark: River Ganga is our holy river. There are many proven records of curation of many skin diseases after drinking or taking bath in its water. The relaxing and fun that you will find here is something superior than any other water park. Its water is sacred and also is someway far cheaper than thousand buck ticket of waterparks.

Enjoy at reasonable rates: Here you can opt for costly five starred hotel to free Dharamashala for your stay and food. It’s totally depend on your budget and your interest.

Being close to nature and religion: Here you can feel close to nature. The views of mountain, trees, forests, river, will make your trip worth remembering. Also, at each minute distance you will find a temple and devotees of God.

near to Delhi/NCR: It is one of the nearest destination to Delhi/NCR and worth visiting once in a year. For other such destinations read my post: Lansdowne- Nearest Hill station To Delhi/NCR

About Our Trip:

On Saturday we started our trip from Ghaziabad to Haridwar at 6:00 AM. Since it was the starting of the month of Savaan/Sharavan so we decided to make it as early as possible so as to save ourselves from traffic and jams. But after all precautions, it took us more than 6 hours to reach Haridwar as most of the roads were diverted and it was raining every now and then. We took break at “har ki Pauri” for darshan and bathing. Then after a rest of one hour we again started towards our resort which was around 20 KMs from Rishikesh. At first we were quite apprehensive about it but the view truly made our weekend enjoyable and peaceful.
On Sunday we started back for Ghaziabad after visiting Gur Vashisht Cave, which is truly majestic and calm. Since it was “Guru Poornima” it was crowded and beautifully decorated.

Our Stay:
We have already booked our one night stay at Explore Himalaya Resort, Shivpuri. It was good resort, properly managed , clean and with great views. If you are looking for a peaceful stay than there is nothing better than it. Though the food was quite expensive but that negligible point as getting all the varieties available at such a great height is no less than an achievement. The complimentary breakfast was yummy and well served. The staff tried every possible thing to make our stay comfortable. The best part of this hotel is its views mountains and nature view.

Price: I booked two rooms at Rs.1000 each with complimentary breakfast, one distilled water bottle and other toiletries. If you are getting them at this price than will suggest to go for it. Above it is not relevant.

Food: After having bath, you will feel super hungry, So better be ready for some handy snacks or can opt for the road side snacks if your stomach allows them :P. Since we were travelling with kids so I have got many things prepared like Mathri, pooris, idlis and popcorn so that they can have their stomach full and can enjoy the trip to the most.

Best time to Visit: Off-course, during monsoon as everything is so green everywhere which make it more serene and beautiful. Though, during monsoon the flow of River Ganga will be increased and you may not be able to enjoy water sports but nature will be at its best during this season.

Important points:
A mosquito repellent, umbrella, torch are must carry.
Better to have fruits more rather than local road side foods.
You can face traffic jams because of Rain or some festivals so plan accordingly.

view from Guru Vashisht cave..Calm and serne


  1. I too feel Haridwar and Rishikesh as the best destination for meditation or for “fursat ke kuch pal”. Also Being close to nature fits perfectly for them.
    Nicely written and photographs says everything about the destinations. Thanks for sharing with us. I have to plan my holidays to Rishikesh.

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