Kausani, Uttarakhand, To go or not after Nainital Trip

Baijnath Temple

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I was really reluctant to go to Kausani after having a two days trip at Nainital but as usual, Amit wanted to go there. Reason being he loves mountains and Views, and as per him Nainital was overcrowded and man-made, wanted to see some natural beauty. Secondly, he feels to cover all the tourist places at one trip, because there are not many places to visit and coming again to that far is not possible.

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About Kausani, Uttarakhand
Kausani is a hill station and Village situated in Bageshwar district in the state of Uttarakhand, India. It is famous for its scenic splendor and its spectacular 300 km-wide panoramic views of Himalayan peaks like Trisul, Nanda Devi and Panchchuli. Mahatma Gandhi called this place the ‘Switzerland of India’,[5][6] due to the similarity in landscapes.

Why To visit Kausani, Uttarakhand?
Though Kausani is quite far from Nainital still it deserves to visit once.
1. It offers ultimate views which are otherwise missing in Nainital.
2. The glory of snow-covered crowned Himalayan Range reaches its pinnacle when san rays turned them into gold at morning and orange and red during sunset.
3. A small place with serene natural beauty.
4. Quite, calm and beautiful.

Best time to Visit Kausani, Uttarakhand.
March to November as you can have a clear view of Himalayan peaks like Trishul, Nanda, and Panchachuli peaks

How to Reach Kasauni?
Ghaziabad- Hapur (Hapur bypass) – Gadmukteshwar-Gajroula-Moradabad ..there are two ways from Moradabad – approx 140 kms – driving time will be 3 hrs.

route 1 – Moradabad-pipalsana-thakurdwara-kashipur-Ramnagar-amdanda-dhangadi-kumaria-bhatrojkhan-Ranikhet-majkhali-goluchinna-someshwar -Kausani
takes you from outer boundaries of Jim Corbett NP – Ranikhet is approx 170 km from Moradabad – driving time will be 5 hrs.

route 2 – Moradabad- soar-bazpur-kaladhungi-kathgodam-jeolikote-bhowali-khairna bridge-Ranikhet-majkhali-goluchinna-someshwar-Kausani
takes you from beautiful kathgodam-bhowali-Ranikhet route….approx 180 km from Moradabad and takes 5 hrs.

will suggest you take bhowali-Ranikhet route — the road is better and better sightseeing en route. The distance from Ranikhet, Kausani remains 60 km- driving time will be more or less 2 hrs.

Where to Stay in Kausani??
It’s better to book hotels online you can great deals otherwise last minute booking may cause you extra charges and mediocre hotels. Try to go to a hotel which has Himalayan View. Waking up in the Morning to the Himalayan view, nothing beat that feeling.

5 Best Places to visit in Kausani?

  1. Ranikhet: It is located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. It is for the nature lovers, offers the majestic and charming view of pine trees, lush green forests, attractive wildlife, scented mountain view and panoramic view of Himalayas. You can try golfing, fishing, trekking or hiking in Ranikhet.

  2. Kasauni Tea Estate: It is 5KM from main Kasauni, situated at Bageshwar road.This is a place where one will feel very close to nature and a paradise for tea lovers. Kausani Tea Estate, situated 5 km away from the main town is spread across the area of 208 hectares.

The place also arranges for a short tour to show their manufacturing process guided by their own staff. One can taste and buy different flavored tea from there. Apart from it is an amazing location where you can stroll but take care not to visit here from November to March, when it remains closed.

  1. Baijnath Temple: An ancient town of Baijnath, located around 20 km from Kausani is a place adorned with several small and big temples each holding a historic and religious importance.

Once served as the capital of Katyuri Dynasty, the Baijnath Temple was constructed during the 12th century and as per the legend Lord Shiva and Parvati were married here at the confluence of River Garur Ganga and River Gomti. Other temples present here are Brahma, Shiva, Parvati, Ganesh, Kuber and Surya Temple etc. Another temple located 3 kms from town namely Kote-ke-mai Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu has a large statue of him. The place is a must visit if spirituality is what you are seeking

4. Rudhradhari Falls: At a distance of 12 km from Kausani, bounded by the paddy fields and green pine forests is the spellbinding Rudradhari Falls. Located on the trekking way to Adi Kailash region, one can also explore the mysteries of the ancient caves lying near the falls.

According to the legend, this place holds the connection with Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The Shiva Temple of Someshwar lies in the proximity to the waterfalls.

5. Anasakti Temple: In aashram they preserve the memory of Mahatma Gandhiji as he spent his time and written a book “Anashkti ” in Kaushani. Aashram located in a peaceful place. But the Aashram closed between 12 to 4 pm is not suitable for outside visitor. It a small place, with a prayer room displaying pictures on Mahatma Gandhi and his life. Photography is not allowed inside prayer hall. Prayer in morning and evening are conducted which anyone can join. Besides they have cheap stay option at 550 for a double bedded room. A small shop is there selling books, khadi products and clothes. Library is there but it was closed both the times we visited.

Must Try in Kausani
Sipping hot coffee/ tea panoramic view of massive Himalayan peaks is must try. While returning don’t forget to but local Kausani shawls from Kausani shawl factory.

So are you also a travel freak like me?? do share where you have been to and why you like it?


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