Items to prevent while planning for a Healthy Body.


Recently, I came across a kid who is 11 years only and is suffering from throat cancer. Cancer has become one of the most spread diseases nowadays. Think about the kids, his parents, and relatives what would be they going through and how they will be feeling once get to know about his disease.

Chances are less than that he will survive a long life. As per Doctors, their lifestyle, mostly eating nonveg outside is the main cause of this cancer. We, as parents many times just to pamper our kids, give them many items which are injurious to them.  So, I kindly request all of my reader friends to stop using following items in the day to day life or if you cannot stop using them, minimise their uses at least.

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1. Iodine Salt: As per FNB association, only 150mcg is the recommended dose for the iodine which is easily fulfilled by the Indian diet. We are hardly in need of taking extra Iodine which is the root cause of thyroid and other diseases. So, if you are looking for adopting a healthy lifestyle, the first and foremost thing is to switch on to Sea salt.

Substitute/can be replaced with: Sea Salt. Not rock salt (it is very hard to get real rock salt in today’s contaminated life)

2. Refind Oil: Most of us are using Refine oil which has been tagged as healthy, active, rice bran. It is the main cause of the increase in cholesterol. There is nothing healthy in refined oils. In order to be healthy and prevent heart disease and increase in weight go with mustard oil, Til oil, or homemade butter,  Ghee.
To be really honest, I don’t really remember when we last bought refined oil in our home. Either for frying or cooking, we use mustard oil only. Not suggesting Olive oil as its quite costly and kind of impossible to use on daily basis.

Substitute/can be replaced with: Mustard oil/ til oil, home made butter and Ghee

3. Utensils of aluminum/Plastics: You know aluminum utensils were introduced by Britishers for the use of Indian prisoners. It is also known as “slow poison”. it is very easily soluble in food and is the root cause of cancer and many other diseases.

Similarly, plastic utensils are too dangerous. If cannot stop completely then will suggest you at least stop using aluminum/ plastic utensils for long storage, cooking and citrus items.

I am using mostly iron or steel utensils in my kitchen. For packing my Kid or husband lunch, I am using steel boxes only.

Substitute/can be replaced with: Steel or iron Utensils.

4. Sugar: Higher the intake of sugar, higher the risk of getting prone to disease. I have sweet tooth and need something sweet after every meal. But now instead of going for sugar, I prefer using jaggery. Even for halwas, a tea I have started jaggery instead of sugar. It may taste different in the beginning but soon you will get used to it.

Substitute/can be replaced with: Jaggery

5. Bread: It is the most unhealthy food item. I know g=few mom who tries to supplement bread with Rotis. Bread is never a snacks or breakfast item. Breakfast is the first food of the day and needs to be healthy so prefer not to opt for it until its unpreventable. In my house, I allow bread on Sundays only.

Substitute/can be replaced with: Oats, wheat flour, Makka ka atta, Sattu in summers

It took me more than a year to get used to my change in lifestyle and to own it. Change in lifestyle is not easy but if you really want to survive a healthy life, your kids happy and less prone to diseases then try to make at least above few changes in your life.

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