Investing in these travel essentials you can never remorse about? 10 essentials for every travel bug.


For me Traveling is a hobby and passion. And to make traveling comfortable and memorable, I make sure to keep these travel essentials in my list.

1. Backpack – This is the most essential thing to carry when you travel. Your travel backpack in addition to your main piece or pieces of luggage depends on your trip’s nature. Carrying a rucksack on a hiking, camping trip makes more sense and carrying a laptop backpack on a leisure or a business trip makes more sense. Your backpack generally carries your laptop, phone and wallet. Even if you misplace your luggage, you must not lose your backpack and which is why you must choose one with plenty of pockets, sturdy material and has comfortable straps.

2. Camera – Even though nowadays smartphones have cameras with superior resolution carrying a professional camera will help you capture the overwhelming beauty of dramatic landscapes and architecture just as your eye sees it. Cameras really come in handy especially at night when the light is low. A true blue traveller who wants to capture what her or his eye sees should absolutely carry a state of the art DSLR. Phone cameras are just not there yet.

3. A good pair of shoes – We cannot emphasize the need for comfortable walking shoes enough for when you are packing for your trip. Make sure that your walking shoes have arch support so that your feet don’t bear the brunt of walking for long distances especially if you are the type who enjoy exploring medieval cities of Europe on foot. Don’t cringe on paying extra for a good quality pair of comfortable shoes. Your feet deserve the best.

4. Neck pillow – doughnut-shaped neck pillows are a relegation of sorts. They provide comfort and support to your delicate neck especially when you are taking one of those red-eye flights or long-haul inter-continental flights. Make sure you buy a memory foam doughnut-shaped pillow. If these neck pillows are too soft and don’t curve according to your neck shape then you might suffer from neck pain.

5 Earphones – Music makes everything more beautiful than it actually is. Such is the power of music and the tool to experience this power are a pair of earphones. Nothing enhances your trip experience more than having the freedom to listen to your own choice of songs. Carry a pair of noise -cancelling earphones or headphones whichever you are comfortable fitting in your backpack and travel stress-free.

6 A toiletry kit – Shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, sunblock, basic makeup, hair clips, tampons, contact lenses, scrunchies and many other knick-knacks constitute your kit. As trivial as this sounds now carrying it will provide a great deal of convenience. Carrying a small pouch of your everyday essentials will he

7. Portable power source – Power banks have become so important especially if your trip involves going on a trek or even if it is a business trip. Our mobile phones have become our go-to device for several services we wish to avail and they need to remain charged especially when we are travel.

8. Medical Kit – A small kit containing first-aid along with basic medicines like mild painkillers or broad-spectrum antibiotics and antibiotic ointments might be a good idea to carry. Nobody wants to fall sick on their vacation or otherwise but if you do you don’t want to have to find a pharmacy in an unknown location.

9. A good mobile data plan especially if you are travelling abroad – Google maps come in very handy in a foreign land especially. A good mobile plan will provide you with lots of mobile data which is needed to power up several apps along with Google Maps which take away the stress to find the places that you want to see while you concentrate on seeing those places hassle free.

10. Dozens of underclothes- It’s near impossible to wash our clothes while we are on the go. Instead of wearing dirty underwear inside out, it’s just more convenient to buy extra underclothes. This is how you don’t compromise on hygiene and still don’t have to stress about wearing dirty underclothes which may get soiled with sweat more easily during your travels especially if your trip involves trekking.   


  1. I feel a nice back pack and shoes really can make up a nice trip experience. I make sure my back pack as well as my shoes are all weather suitable. You have compiled a nice list here.

  2. All of these things are so important while travelling..I am sure a lot of people aftet reading your post will get a ideas what essentials to carry while travelling.


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