India is not a easy place to travel- Travel Tips


While doing graduation from Delhi University, I have a friend who was from Manipur. North Indians have a thinking and find North East people as easily gullible or those can be fooled without any hard work. So my Manipuri friend boarded a rickshaw from Hansraj to Kirorimal College (If you have ever been to Delhi University, You must know that both are on opposite lanes only) and it took her more than 20 minutes and Rs150 to reach the destination, the destination which is otherwise 2 minutes walk only. I find her shouting at the gate of college and cursing rickshaw wala who seems enjoying it.

Travelling in India is not easy, basically if you are not used to it. Crowded and packed roads, labyrinth paths, flea markets and unmanaged signals and peoples. No, we not only fool foreigners, even at times Indians also get fooled. Where South is thought to be more organized and well-behaved, North is famous for unorganized and unmannered people. Oh yeah! am from UP(Uttar Pradesh), kind of King in Bullying.. But believe me, location hardly matters. No matter how much you are prepared than also at least once or twice you will get “a good experience”. So if you are next time to visit India or trying some new place in India than the following points should be kept in mind.

Fake it: However you try but show that it is not the first time you have been to the respective place. Act as a locale or the one who is very known to the place. Like me, whenever try a new place read about it on the net, do some research and tell the people there it is not the first time I am coming to this place.I belong to somewhere nearby locality only.

Bargain: “Bargain” is the Mool Mantra while going for shopping or spending money anywhere whether a rickshaw ride or anything. This is must have thing while shopping at any local market. No matter how much time, the shopkeeper has fixed the posters like “No bargain or Fixed price shop”, it is your shopping right. Same is applicable with rides except you are not using online cab facilities. I am used to decreasing the amount by 1/3rd when I have to shop from Janpath, Sarojni Nagar or Central Market. You can also use dialogues like “Bhaiya! mai shayad shakal se foreigner lagti hu but I am an Indian. :P” ya Do you think am a Foreigner?

Smile and Joke: Shopkeepers, they will follow you till the end if you show your interest in any of their product. And somehow if you are a foreigner or have that looks which show you belong to the south or north-east India than chances are great that you will be followed till eternity and pressurized to purchase the item. So the best thing is to tell them either yesterday only you have bought this item with 1/4th amount or you don’t want to purchase, and was just checking. Use smile or jokingly move away otherwise they won’t stop bothering you.

Don’t Pamper those who ask for free offers/items: Last time I was at dominos with friends at Dilshad Garden Metro Station, a poor kid was peeing from the glass door and continuously making the actions that he is super hungry and want the piece of Pizza. We offered him one. Later we came out with our cold drink glasses in hand and he started asking for it. When I said I already drank from it he said it doesn’t matter and want it. Soon joined by other poor kids and literally, we were kind of harassed by those small kids. Since then have stopped being emotionally to these kids.

Travelling in India is like Gulliver’s Travel, you have a variety of people. some good, some bad but yes not all are of the same type. We met with a couple while trekking to Parashar in Manali who offered us free dinner and stay. They were so good to host that my beliefs on humanity become more strong after meeting them.

In case you are traveling to any part of India and have any query then please write to us.I will be more than happy to help you.


  1. Once I did get fooled by a Rick who fleeced me at Sahar airport, Mumbai despite I was staying in the city, It can happen to the best of us and yeah once you are nice to a kid, dozens jump on you. An interesting and helpful post to any traveler. One just needs to be street smart.

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