Increase Pollution Level In Delhi/NCR- Precautions & Remedies

In this post, we will discuss the recent problem – Increase in Pollution level in Delhi/NCR- Precautions and Remedies

Delhi pollution has achieved another target of an increase in air pollution than the permissible level. If you are taking it as cold or fog than please wake up. The situation is worse than ever. The government has named Delhi pollution as “Crisis situation”. There is a thick blanket of haze surrounded the city, which has made it problematic to breathe.

Here are few precautions that you can take to make the situation less severe, especially for old people and young kids.

  1. Prevent stepping out especially early morning and at night.
  2. Those who go for morning walk should prevent it for two/three days until the pollution level decreases to some extent.
  3. Keep the doors and windows closed so that pollution cannot enter your home.
  4. Any strenuous exercise should be prevented, and
  5. If necessary take holiday and stay at home as much as you can
  6. Prevent traveling, if possible. Try to stay at home as much as you can.

Though nothing much can be done for two/ three days to decrease the pollution level still we all can make efforts to lessen its effect by taking few precautions.

  1. Diet rich in Vitamin C will enable to fight the air pollution
  2. Intake of ginger, tulsi, and lemon can lessen its harmful effects.
  3. Omega fatty acids and Omega 3can help to reduce the effect of air pollution.
  4. Minimal use of Vehicle, share the vehicles if it’s required.

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